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You already know that urbanisation is a world-wide phenomenon. As the world’s population continues to increase, the demand for housing keeps growing. Housing needs are particularly high in urban areas, because most people want to live there. Cities and major towns are getting bigger and bigger, while smaller towns become deserted.

Some states and island states such as Singapore and Bermuda have become 100% urbanised. Monaco, a small state bordering on the Mediterranean Ocean, is also 100% urbanised. In fact this state is a city in itself!

Activity 3:

To establish where people prefer to live – in cities or in rural areas

[lo 3.3]

  • The phrases below are listed in alphabetical order – some of them indicating a preference for not living in rural areas , others pointing towards the attractions of urban life. The migration to big towns and cities brings about two processes at the same time: a de population of rural areas and an increased population of the urban areas ( urban isation ).


Write a D next to phrases referring to the depopulation of rural areas, and U in the squares next to the phrases highlighting the attractions of city life.

(a) Factories offer many work opportunities
(b) Shortage of hospitals
(c) Enough good schools and short distances to and from school
(d) Higher salaries and wages in general
(e) Big variety of entertainment and recreation available
(f) Big variety of job opportunities available
(g) Easy to change jobs
(h) Children mostly far from schools
(i) Mechanisation leads to fewer job opportunities
(j) Problems with travelling due to a lack of public transport
(k) Ample choice of public transport
(l) Wages too low in some cases
(m) Too quiet for those who prefer company
(n) Sufficient health services and hospitals
(o) Limited job opportunities in small towns

3. Causes and effects of the widespread interior migration in S.A.

Study the four newspaper reports dealing with the main causes and effects of the current migration between the Eastern and the Western Cape.


Jorisna Bonthuys

CAPE TOWN - The influx of thousands of learners from other parts of the country to the Western Cape is responsible for the overcrowding of schools, as well as the financial problems experienced by the Department of Education.

At least 33 000 of the approximately 900 000 learners in the Western Cape come from other provinces. Many of them are from the Eastern Cape.

Apart from the WCED’s annual budget of R4,2 billion, another R800 million is needed. Although 58 schools have been built since 1995, there is a shortage of up to 2 500 classrooms (at 81 schools) to meet the learners’ needs.

The provincial Minister of Education has said that it is impossible to obtain the additional amount of money. According to the minister the present budget is insufficient as it is. Although education authorities had been making provision for the arrival of these learners, the big increase in numbers has surpassed all expectations.

According to the principals of fourteen high schools in the Khayalitsha area, over 3 000 extra learners turned up, while about 2 000 learners have not yet registered.

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