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English home language

Grade 6

Module 10



Choose a picture of one of the animals found in the sea. Try to describe it as clearly as possible.

Remember, you want other people reading your work to see this picture in their minds as clearly as you yourself saw it. To achieve this, you will have to use adjectives. Underline these adjectives.

LO 4.1.2


Prepositions are words that show the relationship of one thing to another. They often tell you where one thing is in relation to another, or the `position' that it is in. They are always attached to a noun or pronoun.

Some examples: before, on, across, over, into, past, under, up, in, down, near, to, until.

Complete the following sentences by supplying a suitable preposition

  1. We are sailing_________Durban.
  2. She was swimming________me when the wave broke.
  3. This is no time_____________floating.
  4. He seemed unaware__________the stormy sea.
  5. I could not find Penny___________all the people on the beach.
  6. If you are going to the beach take a hat_____________you.
LO 6.2.2

Just for fun!

What do these expressions mean?

  1. take forty winks
  1. face the music
  1. bury the hatchet
  1. turn a blind eye.


Read the following proverbs and find out what they mean:

Look before you leap.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

LO 6.4.2


Reflections on Holiday

I sat in the sand dunes, the wind blowing particles of sand into my hair, eyes, even my teeth, and surveyed the scene before me. Seagulls were arguing over a mysterious-looking object cast up by the sea, vivid with its shade of green and silver as seen from a distance. Children were playing with heaps of coloured stones, making patterns on the light, brown sand. Far out, a man was digging for mussels in the soft, dark, sea-wet sand of the bay. He looked strong and capable , with his open sack beside him. He was bending and thrusting against a spade with a foot clad in a large, black wellington boot, turning over piles of sand to view the smooth wave pattern left by the sea. Further out still, cargo boats, grey and orange, serviceable, yet with an air of mystery, moved slowly along an invisible river in the centre of the wide expanse of sand, grey trails of smoke just to be seen against the still, grey sky, with now and then the sound of a far-off hooter, sad and wistful .

Lisa, aged 18

  1. Underline all the prepositions in blue.
  2. Circle all the adjectives in red. Write these adjectives down and say what kind of adjective they are.

Find all the pronouns in this passage. Write these down and give the plural of each pronoun.

LO 6.2.2
  1. Read the passage again that Lisa has written. Now draw a picture of the scene, as you understand it.
LO 5.3.6


Read the passage "Saved by a dolphin" and answer the questions that follow in your groups:


This is the end, Adam Maguire thought as blood streamed from where a piece of flesh had been torn from his stomach. His surfboard had gone too - the only shield between him and the shark's terrible jaws. He prayed, then screamed for his two friends, but they were too far away. Desperately he struck the water with his fists in a vain attempt to frighten off the 4,2 m monster.

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