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De Anza College is interested in the relationship between anxiety level and the need to succeed in school. A random sample of 400 students took a test that measured anxiety level and need to succeed in school. [link] shows the results. De Anza College wants to know if anxiety level and need to succeed in school are independent events.

Need to succeed in school vs. anxiety level
Need to Succeed in School High
Row Total
High Need 35 42 53 15 10 155
Medium Need 18 48 63 33 31 193
Low Need 4 5 11 15 17 52
Column Total 57 95 127 63 58 400

a. How many high anxiety level students are expected to have a high need to succeed in school?

a. The column total for a high anxiety level is 57. The row total for high need to succeed in school is 155. The sample size or total surveyed is 400.

E = (row total)(column total) total surveyed = 155 57 400 = 22.09

The expected number of students who have a high anxiety level and a high need to succeed in school is about 22.

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b. If the two variables are independent, how many students do you expect to have a low need to succeed in school and a med-low level of anxiety?

b. The column total for a med-low anxiety level is 63. The row total for a low need to succeed in school is 52. The sample size or total surveyed is 400.

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c. E = (row total)(column total) total surveyed = ________

c. E = (row total)(column total) total surveyed = 8.19

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d. The expected number of students who have a med-low anxiety level and a low need to succeed in school is about ________.

d. 8

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Refer back to the information in [link] . How many service providing jobs are there expected to be in 2020? How many nonagriculture wage and salary jobs are there expected to be in 2020?

12,727, 14,965

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DiCamilo, Mark, Mervin Field, “Most Californians See a Direct Linkage between Obesity and Sugary Sodas. Two in Three Voters Support Taxing Sugar-Sweetened Beverages If Proceeds are Tied to Improving School Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs.” The Field Poll, released Feb. 14, 2013. Available online at http://field.com/fieldpollonline/subscribers/Rls2436.pdf (accessed May 24, 2013).

Harris Interactive, “Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream.” Available online at http://www.statisticbrain.com/favorite-flavor-of-ice-cream (accessed May 24, 2013)

“Youngest Online Entrepreneurs List.” Available online at http://www.statisticbrain.com/youngest-online-entrepreneur-list (accessed May 24, 2013).

Chapter review

To assess whether two factors are independent or not, you can apply the test of independence that uses the chi-square distribution. The null hypothesis for this test states that the two factors are independent. The test compares observed values to expected values. The test is right-tailed. Each observation or cell category must have an expected value of at least 5.

Formula review

    Test of independence

  • The number of degrees of freedom is equal to (number of columns - 1)(number of rows - 1).
  • The test statistic is Σ ( i j ) ( O E ) 2 E where O = observed values, E = expected values, i = the number of rows in the table, and j = the number of columns in the table.
  • If the null hypothesis is true, the expected number E = (row total)(column total) total surveyed .

Questions & Answers

what is gradient descent?
Saurav Reply
It should be a Machine learning terms。
it is a term used in linear regression
what are the differences between standard deviation and variancs?
what is statistics
Emmanuel Reply
statistics is the collection and interpretation of data
the science of summarization and description of numerical facts
Is the estimation of probability
mr. zaini..can u tell me more clearly how to calculated pair t test
do you have MG Akarwal Statistics' book Zaini?
Haai how r u?
maybe .... mathematics is the science of simplification and statistics is the interpretation of such values and its implications.
can we discuss about pair test
what is outlier?
Usama Reply
outlier is an observation point that is distant from other observations.
what is its effect on mode?
Outlier  have little effect on the mode of a given set of data.
How can you identify a possible outlier(s) in a data set.
The best visualisation method to identify the outlier is box and wisker method or boxplot diagram. The points which are located outside the max edge of wisker(both side) are considered as outlier.
@Daniel Adunkwah - Usually you can identify an outlier visually. They lie outside the observed pattern of the other data points, thus they're called outliers.
what is completeness?
I am new to this. I am trying to learn.
I am also new Dom, welcome!
please my friend i want same general points about statistics. say same thing
outliers do not have effect on mode
also new
I don't get the example
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ways of collecting data at least 10 and explain
Ridwan Reply
Example of discrete variable
Bada Reply
sales made monthly.
I am new here, can I get someone to guide up?
dies outcome is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 nothing come outside of it. it is an example of discrete variable
continue variable is any value value between 0 to 1 it could be 4digit values eg 0.1, 0.21, 0.13, 0.623, 0.32
How to answer quantitative data
Alhassan Reply
what's up here ... am new here
sorry question a bit unclear...do you mean how do you analyze quantitative data? If yes, it depends on the specific question(s) you set in the beginning as well as on the data you collected. So the method of data analysis will be dependent on the data collecter and questions asked.
how to solve for degree of freedom
Quantitative data is the data in numeric form. For eg: Income of persons asked is 10,000. This data is quantitative data on the other hand data collected for either make or female is qualitative data.
Degree of freedom is the unconditionality. For example if you have total number of observations n, and you have to calculate variance, obviously you will need mean for that. Here mean is a condition, without which you cannot calculate variance. Therefore degree of freedom for variance will be n-1.
data that is best presented in categories like haircolor, food taste (good, bad, fair, terrible) constitutes qualitative data
vegetation types (grasslands, forests etc) qualitative data
I don't understand how you solved it can you teach me
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solve what?
What is the end points of a confidence interval called?
lower and upper endpoints
Class members write down the average time (in hours, to the nearest half-hour) they sleep per night.
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how we make a classes of this(170.3,173.9,171.3,182.3,177.3,178.3,174.175.3)
why is always lower class bundry used
Assume you are in a class where quizzes are 20% of your grade, homework is 20%, exam _1 is 15%,exam _2 is 15%, and the final exam is 20%.Suppose you are in the fifth week and you just found out that you scored a 58/63 on the fist exam. You also know that you received 6/9,8/10,9/9 on the first
Diamatu Reply
quizzes as well as a 9/11,10/10,and 4.5/7 on the first three homework assignment. what is your current grade in the course?
the answer is 2.6
if putting y=3x examine that correlation coefficient between x and y=3x is 1.
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what is permutation
Rodlett Reply
how to construct a histogram
Baalisi Reply
You have to plot the class midpoint and the frequency
ok so you use those two to draw the histogram right.
ok can i be a friend so you can be teaching me small small
how do you calculate cost effectiveness?
Hi everyone, this is a very good statistical group and am glad to be part of it. I'm just not sure how did I end up here cos this discussion just popes on my screen so if I wanna ask something in the future, how will I find you?
To make a histogram, follow these steps: On the vertical axis, place frequencies. Label this axis "Frequency". On the horizontal axis, place the lower value of each interval. ... Draw a bar extending from the lower value of each interval to the lower value of the next interval.
I really appreciate that
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