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    Is the traveler disputing the claim about the average or about the variance?

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Questions & Answers

how to calculate group frequency distribution?
Shams Reply
what is the properties of distributio?
what is the properties of narmal distribution?
what is the nature of normal distribution?
set theory is a foundation of how we categorize similar entities from dismissal ones.
Michael Reply
what is set theory
Hussain Reply
what is the median of this set, 3,5,7,9,11,15
Micky Reply
what is outliers ?
ashish Reply
limitations of simple random sampling
pratyaksh Reply
how can l calculate G. M from the following size 125 133 141 173 182 frequency 7 5 4 1 3
Stancy Reply
how they find mean population
Joy Reply
parts of statistics
Edwin Reply
what is a mean?
Onele Reply
given the sequence 128,64,32 find the 12th term of the sequence
Shehu Reply
12th number is 0.0625
why do we use summation notation to represent set of observations
what is the potential outlier ?
Anik Reply
A pharmaceutical company claims that their pain reliever capsule is 70% effective. But a clinical test on this capsule showed 65 out of 100 effectiveness
jelly Reply
Part of statistics
charls Reply

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