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Elements of fund solicitation include:

  • A clear mission statement developed with the Advisory Council in such a way that the CTLC can achieve it.
  • If funding is for a particular program, the proposal must be sent first to the Teachers Without Borders main office for evaluation.Teachers Without Borders will look for the degree to which the proposal clearly shows the problem, the solution, and the expected outcome.
  • Focus less on obtaining technology and more on the program itself, of which technology is a tool. Try to show how technology is just a means tothe end, rather than an end unto itself. This is a crucial point.
  • Be innovative and show how your innovations have worked by providing clear data that what you have done up to this point has been effective.
    • How many people were served?
    • What was their life like before?
    • How is their life now as a result of this program?
    • How can you show that your program, indeed, netted these results?
  • Indicate the degree to which the community has been involved.

What we mean by sustainability

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their ownneeds.

Our Values

We focus on development, not growth. Development means creating flexibility and responsiveness, resilience to stress,ability to achieve equitable, productive, and participatory output or service delivery.

Our Models

Pure Enterprise Model - Individual, Teachers Without Borders CTLCs that sustain themselves through user fees foraccess, training services (including Certificate of Teaching Mastery), use of space by third parties, and other revenue generating services(internet café, office functions for a fee, e-government, e-health, childcare).

Pure Service Mode l - Individual, Teachers Without Borders CTLCs that sustain themselves through fundraising efforts(annual funds or special fund-raising events) in order to provide 100% subsidy of costs for access and training.

"Affinity Group" Model - Small clusters of 3-6 Teachers Without Borders CTLCs (clusters can be based on local geography orsimilar-service populations). This creates a brand, of sorts, that would reduce fixed costs and duplications of efforts. The individual centers inan "affinity group" deliver services, do some outreach on their own, but rely on a central (umbrella-organizing) effort for major fundraising,purchasing, volunteer recruitment, technical assistance, and public education.

"Association" Model - Many, Teachers Without Borders CTLCs through a given region. Assistance is centralized:training, volunteers, record-keeping, purchasing. Corporate sponsors are essential here, as they receive benefits from being associated with alarge number of users.

Assignment 1: reflecting

To do this assignment, click on the Word icon below. When it appears, press "Save" so that you can work on this assignment"off-line."

Assignment 1: Reflecting

  • Choose 3 different sentences from the readings in this module, thus far. Type the sentences now.
  • Under each sentence, do a Focused Freewrite (1-2 paragraphs in length for each one).
    A Focused Freewrite is when you use a phrase or sentence from something you've read as a trigger for free-formwriting; that is, you write any thoughts, questions, or stories that come to mind as it relates to the trigger phrase or sentence.Sometimes you'll stick to the trigger topic and sometimes your mind will wander into seemingly unrelated places. Give yourselfpermission to move between "wandering" and coming back to writing about the topic.

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