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The visual includes pictures or drawings, a headline, print and colour. The aural refers to a catchy slogan, possibly through the use of alliteration.

  • Ensure that details are included, and that emotive words and descriptive writing make your advertisement original and creative.
  • Rough work
  • Neat copy of advertisement




Some cultures see the individual as most important and not the group. (2)

“consensus” (1)

e.g. disabled, gender, different culture, religion, status, (2)

It was an action caused by the terrible war crimes of the Second World War when so many Jews were killed. (2)

5. It is killing someone merely for being a specific nationality or race. (2)

6. They must make people aware of the abuse of human rights so that they can be

stopped. (2)

7. It is a non-governmental organization. Amnesty International

8. family and friends, youth groups, displays or plays, petitions, letter to the press, advertisement (any two) (2)

9. A petition is a piece of paper for signatures; you have to take part in a demonstration. (2)

10. Man is part of society. (1)

We are a part of society and, therefore, need to take the group’s rights into consideration. (1)



1. Freedom from discrimination

2. The right to privacy.

3. Right to shelter and security.

4. Freedom of Religion

5. Freedom of Opinion.

6. Right to Employment.

7. Right to Education.

8. Right to vote.

9. Right to free movement.


  • Possible answers: consider other logical answers

Priority list: The right to shelter and security

The right to freedom from discrimination

The right to education

The right to rest and leisure

The right to freedom of expression

Responsibilities: To care for and not put yourself at risk

To tolerate and respect all others

To learn and not interfere with others who want to learn

To earn a rest by doing one’s duty

To voice your opinion at appropriate moments/ be relevant/ do not insult or do so to incite a riot…

Reasons for choice: Without shelter and security, education is very difficult.

Without work, one cannot rest or have leisure time.

Without education one can abuse the right to freedom

One can avoid discriminating but perhaps it should come

after education because through education we realize our common humanity and learn to know and understand one another.

Mark according to grid.


LO 2


The learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a range of situations.

We know this when the learner:

2.2 communicates ideas, facts and opinions on challenging topics accurately and coherently, using a wide range of factual oral text types (e.g. explanations of technological processes such as how to use a computer or video player);

2.4 demonstrates a range of complex interaction skills by participating actively in group discussions, conversations, debates, group interviews and surveys;

2.5 gives oral presentations confidently and creatively, paying attention to:

pausing and variation in tempo and volume at key points;

purpose and audience;

posture, gesture, body language and facial expressions to engage audience interest;

variety in presentation modes;



degree of formality;

different social and cultural conventions;

appropriate figurative devices such as climax; (climax, anti-climax, etc.).

LO 3

Reading and Viewing

The learner will be able to read and view for information and enjoyment, and respond critically to the aesthetic, cultural and emotional values in texts.

We know this when the learner:

3.8 respond critically to texts:

3.8.1 evaluates writer’s point of view.

LO 4


The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

write a wide range of imaginative text:

4.1.1 to express imagination, ideas and feelings about self and others;

produces a wide range of factual written and multimedia texts for various purposes, using a wide range of visual and design elements where appropriate by means of e-mail, reports on current issues, advertisements, posters, book reviews, film reviews, eyewitness accounts, newspaper reports, curriculum vitae, agenda and minutes of meetings.

LO 5

Thinking and Reasoning

The learner will be able to use language to think and reason, as well as to access, process and use information for learning.

We know this when the learner:

uses language to investigate and explore:

5.2.3 questions and weighs options;

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