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Effective time management is the key to getting the most out of your day. It helps you improve performance, increase productivity, and reduce stress. Time management is critical to maximizing your day and surviving mounting responsibilities and pressures. Time is your most important resource. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify your objectives and determine priorities daily. Every action you take represents a priority decision. The problem is rarely that you arent capable of completing a task; the problem, most often, is time  eventually you will run out of it. This course will provide learners with several time management tools and techniques that can be applied to most work and life situations. From juggling multiple tasks, to managing e-mail, to beating deadlines: you will learn how to budget time wisely, and overcome distractions and time wasters.

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Time and Stress Management MCQ
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Sample Questions from the Time and Stress Management MCQ Quiz

Question: You are a creative person. While this serves you well in decision making, why might you find it a struggle to manage your time effectively?


You give in to distractions

You procrastinate

You know what stimuli trigger your creativity

Both A and B

Question: You have spent three hours watching TV instead of organizing that closet filled with clothes you will never wear again. You will never have those three hours back. Which of the following terms best describes the result of this decision making?


Opportunity cost

Office logistics

Time management


Question: You seem to have endless to-do lists because of a constant stream of incoming demands. Which of the following terms best describes this problem?


Ring-fence effect

Sisyphus effect

Covey effect

Socrates effect

Question: You are experiencing several signs and symptoms of stress including the inability to concentrate, occurrences of poor judgment, and constant worrying. What type of warning signs and symptoms are these?


Behavioral symptoms

Physical symptoms

Emotional symptoms

Cognitive symptoms

Question: Fill in the blank. When a person is experiencing ________ stress, psychotherapy or medical intervention should be sought.






Question: What is the first step in managing your stress effectively?


Alter the situation

Adapt to the stressor

Identify your sources of stress

Avoid unnecessary stress

Question: To make the best use of your time, which of the following strategies is advisable?


Prioritize your tasks

Picture your schedule mentally throughout the day

Ignore unexpected requests

All of these answers

Question: You are leading a work group that is planning an event, and you are concerned that you won't meet the deadlines. You have decided to focus on the loyalty and cheerfulness of your co-workers. What stress management strategy are you practicing?






Question: In his time management video lecture, what does Randy Pausch say about the need for time management?


Time and money are "equatable," and both must be managed.

Time is more important than money because you can't get it back.

Time management is systemic.

All of these answers

Question: You feel overwhelmed with the number of e-mails you receive daily. What is an effective work habit you might implement?


Move yesterday's e-mails into a folder marked "action"

Always respond to today's incoming e-mails today

Deal first with the requests of others who expect an instant response

All of these answers

Question: Which of the following strategies is considered a healthy response to cope with stress?


Do not change the situation

Change your reaction

Never avoid the stressor

Always accept the stressor

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Source:  Dionne Mahaffey. Time and Stress Management . The Saylor Academy 2014, http://www.saylor.org/courses/prdv005/
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