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    YouPolls is a website that allows anyone to create and respond to polls. One question posted April 15 asks:

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Questions & Answers

Lol stats...gotta love it lol
Simone Reply
Explain standard deviation
Carrington Reply
A class of students took a math test. Their teacher found that the mean score on the test was an 85%. she then calculated the s.d of the other test scores and found a very small s.d which suggest that most students scored very close to 85%.
its real life example of S.D
thank you. how do we calculate standard deviation and variance
bro search it by yourself on Google.
can you explain variance for me
Carrington Reply
Ammm, variance is the square of standard deviation, S.D a quantity expressing by how much the members of a group differ from the mean value for the group.
discuss random variables
Mr.Robiul Reply
A variable representing outcomes of a random experiment.
I am not able to understand Bayes theorm
Gh Reply
Watch "Bayes' Theorem - The Simplest Case" on YouTube ***youtu.be/XQoLVl31ZfQ
quartile 1= 4 and quartile = 12 then how we can find the value of median....?
Aiman Reply
who is father of statistics
Mahad Reply
Sir Ronald aylmer fisher
what is meant by negative correlation between two variables
Younas Reply
when one variable is increases another variable is decreases..
it is the inverse relationship between two variables.
Thing of two variable x and y with xy co-ordinate. If increasing in the value of y, increase the value of x then the relation between the two variable is a positive correlation. Moreover, if increase in value of y gradually decrease the value of x then the relation is know as negative correlation
Out of 1600 families in a town there are 4 childrean in each family. What is the number of families would be expected to have. 1) Two boys and two girls 2) No boys 3) At least One boy?
Jeevan Reply
Someone send me a good introduction to statistics for data science. Am not from a math background
Mark Reply
Assuming data on the past demand and probabilities are available how might a value be important for receiving perfect information and imperfect information?
Justinz Reply
with the aid of diagram explain hyper inflation
Taheer Reply
what is sampling
Yahya Reply
samples are drawn from the population. this processes is called sampling
what is median? simply define
Kamran Reply
I need to describe a bar graph with ordinal discrete data. The graph showed that highly agreed that stay at home moms have happier marriages 700, 400 sometimes agreed, and 100 disagreed. questions I had to answer is why is the meadian the best level of central tendency and what is the measurement of descrion.
Mary Reply
One need to understand your question very well.
sorry I need to find the best level of measurement, standard deviation, and level of dispersion.
Alright Mrs Smith

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