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Sports Psych. Research Methods
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Sample Questions from the Sports Psych. Research Methods Flashcards

Question: The 2 philosophical positions for: "what is the nature of reality?"


1. the nature of reality is subjective 2. the nature of reality is objective

Question: Philosophers 2 questions that are asked:


1. What is the nature of reality? 2. How can we best come to know reality?

Question: Science makes several assumptions about the world. These include:


1. there is an objective reality is important to understand & predict objective reality 3. that events are caused by other events

Question: Empiricism:


we can best know reality by experiencing it with our senses, and by experiencing what is real. empiricism influenced the importance of data collection in scientific methods.

Question: Subjective:


this position states that since we always interpret our raw perceptions of reality through our subjective experience, the subjective nature of reality is what is most important. This position is sometimes labeled phenomenology.

Question: Rationalism:


we can know reality by thinking about it rationally & by using our logical thinking abilities. rationalism influenced the importance of theory in scientific methods.

Question: Parsimony:


this is one method or principle of science that relates to the relationship between data and theories. ***If more than one theory explains the data, the most simple or parsimonious theory is chosen.***

Question: objective:


this position states that even though we can only know reality through our own unique subjective interpretation of it, objective reality is still out there and it is important. The objective world affects us regardless of our interpretation of it. This position is sometimes labeled empiricism.

Question: The 2 philosophical positions on: "How can we best come to know reality?"


1. rationalism 2. empiricism

Question: _______ & ________ go hand in hand


data collection & theories

Question: Causality:


that is events are caused by other events

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