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Social Work midterm
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Sample Questions from the Social Work midterm Exam

Question: How can we separate social work?


Macro and micro practice

Bachelors degree

Masters degree

Question: True or false. Social work is the most common health profession in the world.




Question: The focus on both the individual and his or her social setting is a central tenet of social work practice, known as the


Person-in-environment perspective

Social welfare system

General systems theory

Elizabethan poor laws

Question: Which women played an important role in the early history of social work?


Carol Lunxford

Jane Adams

Mary Rolette

Mary Richmond

Both B and D

Question: Changing the environment so that it works better for an individual would be called


Micro practice

Person in environment perspective

Diversity perspective

Macro practice

Question: explains how elements work together to make up an identifiable whole. Social workers are most interested in social systems, the interactions among people that make up society. The theory suggests that many different This theory explains how elements (family, friends, school environment, social service programs, etc.) make up the pieces that shape a person's life. To effectively intervene with an individual we need to look at all the separate parts that make up the whole system.


Person-in-environment perspectice

Personality perspectice

Systems network

General systems theory

Question: Was the Hull house more micro or more macro?




Question: Social work aims to help whom?



The poor

The vulnerable

All of the above

Question: Why is social work unique?


It helps all people.

Helps the society work better for the person and the person function better in society.

Less racism.

Provides benefits for the poor.

Question: This concept builds on systems theory, focusing on the interaction of client systems and the larger environmental context. The focus is on what happens between people and the environment.


Strengths perspective

Ecological systems framework


Biological systems

Question: Helping someone fit better within their community would be an example of


Social services

Macro practice

Human services

Micro practice

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