Question 1 / 120:  A local snail has 3 phenotypes with the heterozygous individuals showing incomplete dominance. Therefore, individuals with a genotype of BB are brown, Bb are tan, and bb are white. These snails are particularly tasty to the local birds. Their current environment only affords camouflage for the brown and white individuals on brown and white rock tide pools. Therefore, the tan individuals are seen and eaten more easily by the birds. Which graph below describes this example of selective pressure?
Evolutionary Biology & Ecology BIO102 Olivia D'Ambrogio A local snail has 3 phenotypes with the Olivia D'Ambrogio @Saylor
A  A - Disruptive
B  C - Stabilizing
C  B - Disruptive
D  A - Directional
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there is no more other chapter
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