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    counseling psychology

    area of psychology that focuses on improving emotional, social, vocational, and other aspects of the lives of psychologically healthy individuals

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Questions & Answers

what does attribution means?
Vamsi Reply
I have the same doubt... As we can search for meaning... But not able to understand the concept
please what arw the two main ways of controlling behaviour?
Gifty Reply
patience and meditation
any one ,what is bio psychological model
Bio psychological model means bio means body and psychological means mind so bio psychological model is studies mind and body relationships
daily prayers and daily affirmations and daily excercise
and what is health belief model?
what us psychology
Ndeh Reply
psychology is the study of mind. And also the study of human behavior.
thank you
You're welcome.
psychology is the systematic study of human and animal mind and its mental processes.
psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour...And it also includes the study of animals as well as humans.
Psychology is the scientific and systematic study of mental activities, behavior and cognitive process of organism to relationships between it's environment...
What could be some short term and long terms goals one can have,in order to become an education psychologist?
Hibba Reply
Short term: - contact a school psychologist and shadow them for a few days - study and keep up with college coursework - join psychology club/ groups Long term: - transfer to a 4 year university - choose wisely your graduate school - talk to graduates from those schools
thank you Isela Huerta :)
how to recognize the person with psychological disorders?
Please keep in mind that it's not allowed to promote any social groups (whatsapp, facebook, etc...), exchange phone numbers, email addresses or ask for personal information on QuizOver's platform.
QuizOver Reply
I want to start psychology courses, which one would you suggest i do first, and why? Im about to move to a different place.
Amanda Reply
open university
it goes in chronological order, so to speak
thank you
how is Coursera is this matter, what's the best MOOC source?
Could you recommend any online course that would be useful for the purpose. Open university such as?
post Graduation.... Diploma In Counseling
Lot Of Courses.... in Which Side You Wanna Go In Particular?
oh. well i wish to study before i go into college. counseling sounds good, people like to come to me for advise, and i am very detail oriented and love creative art stuff.
@Swati have you tried Coursera
Child Counseling Abnormal Behaviors Addiction's - Rehabilitation Marriage Counseling and A lot More...
Which University should I enroll for a Counseling Psychology.
Yes, I've checked that. Are they good enough to start with? @suvigya
Yes, online university? Suggestions on that?
@srikanth i am in usa going to a different state/province. so online makes more sense. is it possible to be really good in more than one ☺
yes i agree any suggestions for online university. or just where we can take courses/classes, partial university
yah There is A lot of Certification Courses In ONLINE... And Distance Education..
thank you for the responses
can any 1 tell me how to how to joint indian army as Psychologist
can someone tell me which are some popular certification courses?
For Psychologist
family Counselling. @Pavithra Nair..
Any one knows where to find Free courses with certification in psychology?
It Depends On Place Where You Live In
in Telangana Osmania University They Offered Different PG Diploma Courses They Collect Minimum Fee It's Too Low... 5k to 6k In Indian Currency
Free online courses, without country bounds, do you know some?
what is motivation?
Shair Reply
The good feeling of wanting to go forward; to a dream, wish or making yourself a better present or future.
it could be intrinsic( as mentioned above) as well as extrinsic( salary etc. ) sometimes extrinsic motivation is detrimental to intrinsic..such that it takes away the enjoyment or zeal of doing that thing
it is the reason for a particular behavior or action.
hello Everyone..... I Need Some Information.... I've Completed Msc. Psychology In Hyderabad... How Can I Be A Approved Psychologist?
srikanth Reply
hay Buddy... if You Can Help Me Let Me Know...
ask your university, they should know, or contact a psychologist and they might be able to help you. best of luck.
thank you Mahmoud Al..
Motivation results in
Cute Reply
progress to success
peace I think I have bipolarity disorder I don't want to see a psychologist in this concern how can stop having swings in moods and depression?
Imen Reply
try to meditate
Meditation in this aspect will worsen the condition. please contact a psychologist
why exactly should we meditate!!?
you need a cognitive behavioral therapist, meditation will worsen
just 2 sessions changed my bipolar habits and saved my relationship with family and my partner, it is life saving
What does chronic mean?
ThisKidOverHere Reply
Occurring over a period of time, at least 2 weeks or more
chronic is human health condition/disease which decode diabetes,cancer etc.
In thinking about the case of Candace described earlier, do you think that Candace benefitted or suffered as a result of consistently being passed on to the next grade?
LuRay Reply
what is a narcissist
Denise Reply
Can newborns develop bad traits
isnt narcissist a chronic liar?
I believe newborns can
newborns starts to develop habits from 6-10 months after birth so sometimes they make bad traits
dominating personality
are narcissists chronic liar?
I feel like we learn things over Time and then apply these traits (whether bad or good) in our daily lives,but since new born are still very small they can't yet (unless they reach around the toddler phase)
narcissistic person is a that type of person who loves himself only very much.....if somebody tells them anything they become very angry....
Yes, It's correct
please which is the best school to study masters in psychology?
at 6-10 months you are no longer a newborn. newborns, however, only have traits consistent with survival and comfort. good and bad then, are perceptive consequences of the onlooker. a newborn will cry when hungry, sleep when tired or overwhelmed; these are traits of dependance not good or bad
narcissist are only chronic liars to themselves. they need to lie in order to feel in control/over and above any and everybody else.
what is psychology?
Philip Reply
psychology is the study of mental processes and behaviour
of human beings.
psyche (mind)+ -ology (study of) hence means study of mind
Psyche also refers to soul. it is also used to be called study of soul. but this is old definition.
what does Hedonist mean?
Happy Reply
a person whose actions are solely motivated by personal pleasure, without any care about if and how it hurts anyone.
It's the doctrine of Aristippus, that pleasure or happiness is the chief good and chief end of man (Greek- hedone, pleasure).
a person who always seeks pleasure...a person who believes that pleasure is everything
Hedonism, as compared to the sexualvalues of relativism and absolutism, involves sexual behavior based on the pursuit of pleasure without the requirement for love and/or commitment.
in short, sex without feelings.
sex without feelings, just like make up with dolls😂
well, yes, it could involve that, but extreme cases, a person could start violating others so as to satiate his own libido. Sex with dolls and stuff is quite small stuff compared to that. Basically, what pleases them, they do, so are quite dangerous in that sense.
Why do you think red room and stuff exist? for the pleasure of few, but still, for pleasure. Freud indeed was right in pointing out the cause of all evil in the world- sex.
yes but still some people engage themselves in sex without any feeling ...eg.prostitution
@poorvi umm.. that's like saying the people who didn't help the Jews were Nazis, disregarding the fact that their hands were tied, and they could've done otherwise even if they tried to. how many of the prostitutes are true nymphomaniacs? quite a few to none.
But how many were forced to it by circumstances, or even trafficked? many to almost 90%. from homelessness to loans, even drug addiction, that's a major cause as well.
they can't be called hedonists, for they are not. though they could be, if that is, they are nymphomaniacs
you're absolutely right...but how can a person lose the addiction of pleasures ?
enjoying pleasure is a base human characteristic, it's being a slave to them, so much so that you refuse to recognize needs and exercise care of others in front of your own pleasures, that is dangerous and should be rid of.
Christianity tried to curb it, but instead ended up declaring sex in itself wrong. several ways were introduced for this, from Chastity belts to whips for giving in to the evil of the temptation, hell even looking for too long at someone.
again as Freud said, religion tried to kill sex, it didn't die, but became poisonous instead.
yes correct
hey I just love psychology bcz I wanna improve myself through psychology...so can I ?
help can be sought for this, don't, I repeat DON'T try these orthodox methods, they work not
yes you can, start off small, but from the greats, Freud and Jung, you'll know much of psychology by just studying these two
Orthodox methods means ?
yk, trying to completely avoid pleasures, for as Osho said, prohibition becomes invitation. 'No Graffiti Zone' has the most graffiti. write don't peep inside on a door ajar and almost every passerby will peep in. so if you try to completely be void of desires then they'll only grow on you
(was still talking about pleasure and how to get rid of it 😅)
hey..I'm the student of class 11and I'm trying to engage myself more in studies...in simple words I wanna change myself I wanna improve myself ...I wanna be a good girl...plz plzz suggest some tips and how can I change my thinking and life..
that's why I was asking about the pleasure psychology
it'll be even better if you have a philosophical background as well.
yes I have that too...I'm biggest fan of osho and buddha
first things first poorvi, I don't know you, but unless you've hurt someone real real bad, like they couldn't heal, I'll say you ARE a good girl. so with that in mind, how to improve yourself even further? well, if it's studies then it depends on which line of study are you planning to pursue?
but wait who were Freud and Jung
they are Giants in the field of psychology, two most prominent schools are Jungian and Freudian. (Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud)
I wanna be a doctor and trying to pursue this goal
any specific branch in mind? like cardio or surgery or anything?
yaa oncology .. cancer surgeon bcz I wanna give the treatment to the weak section of our country who can't afford the treatment
ok, so your vocation has been decided for you by your parents. never mind, for it can't be changed and you will probably not agree to this, saying no you personally feel so.
by the way what you do or what you wanna be ?even what is your name
Anyway, the most important thing for you right now will be to not let your mind wander, to properly focus your chakras. I'll advise you to revise your study and sleep schedule so as to include a minimum of ½ hour to 1 hour study a day to max 2½ hours to ౩½ hours.
the name is Ckbite, you can look me up on insta, or Google me
and don't sit at a stretch to study for long, that way disinterest will seep in.
I can study max 4-5 hrs only...omg I can google you 😯😯
break your study hours into little packets of one one hour (or half, your call) and take a ten minute minimum break in between to get your mind back
thanks for suggestion but dear its hard to follow 😌
yes, have written some stuff, not proud of it, yet not ashamed either. though I'll advise you to not to read it, it's kinda instigating.
it ain't. I myself am from both math and science background, PCBM, and followed this tactic scoring not much, yet still a grand 82 percent
which one do you like most bio or maths ? are you doing mbbs ?
hated both equally, got out and into a totally different stream after 12. am not much of a sucker for mainstream stuff
don't study at stretch, but in small small periods. next, get notes from Allen, arrange for them, they really help. next, set small goals, not that you have to finish this whole chapter in a week, but that you have to cover these two pages in two days or something, that way when you'll accomplish -
that, your brain will produce the reward hormones (I forget the name) and you will stay interested and it might even become fun, and kinda challenging
hmm ok I'll try
are you talking about the dopamine ?
don't compare to others, but try and defeat your own time. like I had completed two pages in two days, today I'll try three pages in two days.
seems odd I know, childish even,but that's the way brain works, if it senses youre doing great, it puts in even more effort
after taking break engag in studies again is too difficult
it's easy, mark your last read spot, and when you get back, start from a or two paragraphs before that, so that you can catch the thread once again
after taking breaks mind says "hey no need to do study again...just play and have fun"
that's why set a fix time quota for a day, like if it's 2 hours you Have to study two hours, and it doesn't work in the long run,but for starters you can try the reward system
like if I study this much, I can watch this movie I wanted to. you know, keep your brain interested, as though it's a game, that's how you have to play. mind is a funny thing, but fooling it is quite easy
okay I got you...thanks
hey I couldn't find your page but can you msg me on i_believe_in_your_dreams...dp is of red coloured and the recent post is of blue colour
You don't get rid of it. You control it, not let ot control you.

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