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Questions & Answers

nature of social psychology
definition of social psychology
social psychology is the understanding of persons behavior in society.
And the behavior in groups
why help or note help each other
Another way of thinking of social psychology is as an ecology (society) specifically amongst humans (organisms)
And also how an individual can impact society and also how society can influence individual
but These are not definitions only Thomas🙆
What is the course of anxiety disorder?
onoja Reply
because they belong into the positivism paradigm
miriamina Reply
what are you talking about
is anyone at the Greenwich university?
Is there any information about them?
Can I pursue MA clinical psychology after Btech?
Pranav Reply
yeah why not
happy birthday nidha
Nikhil sir. can you recommend me good colleges and eligibility criteria?
hi guys. I am new. I am from Turkey. My department is Psychologing Counselling at Istanbul University. I wonder where are you all you from in order to ask if it is possible for me to apply for a master degree in your countries .. This is my last term, and I want to go abroad so as to study, any help
I am from India.
what is ego
An ego is a person's self confidence, or self- importance. It doesn't become an issue until someone takes it to a level of over confidence. To translate a person who defines themselves more important then other's.
With an attitude of a higher standard.
arrogance is the word.
I love this app
Smayee Reply
what is sleep paralysis?
sejal Reply
what is lucid dreaming?
Bhoomika Reply
its a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming.
and you can even control and even manipulate the contents of your dream
There are certain techniques to induce lucid dreams. try this app 'Lucid dreamer' it is very helpful.
did this accidentally while i was at the hospital. i thought it's only 30 mins. but when i checked my clock its been 4 hrs already. it's mentally tiring tbh.
Lucid dreaming is when you are conscious while sleeping. You sleep but you are aware that you are sleeping
Its good for relaxation actually. But when you are conscious while dreaming, Your psychological ailments may affect your experience. If you are in good health mentally and physically, lucid dreaming can be a wonderful experience.
How I can use the app
it provides a timer, which is required time you take to go into REM sleep. after that it starts a certain sound which gently awakes u till u become conscious but not totally awake.
Oky it means i need to set time i go to sleep
you need to set time you take to go to REM sleep. that app will guide you further. Try researching method suitable for you
Oky thanks
anyone experienced lucid dreaming here?
yeah i did
I want to try
but unexpectedly 😂😂
I've experienced sleep paralysis and it's scary at first. Been too long since I had one. But need to experience lucid sleep yet. Sounds wonderful. Was thinking of trying maruijana to hit it
wht is solution of sleep paralysis. ?
Sorry bro. You can't have lucid dream by marijuana. and to overcome sleep paralysis just relax and go with the dream.
So how to achieve it
Lucid dream
dont listen to pranav wadnere, its not that marijuana cant but if you dont smoke it wont help. also sleep paralysis is more than what we are told, the fact that its called sleep paralysis is to label it as just that, oh its just a little sleep paralysis no biggie. but fight fight fight, dont let in!
i struggled with it for years, since 2011 and it was so intense i couldnt sleep at night for fear of being attacked by demons/energy that was real and would present itself in different forms. i kept fighting against it untill one day i used my own energy to repel it and end my cycles of paralysis..
1) Perform reality checks. • habit yourself to check mirror, clock, and written texts throughout day. you can't see yourself in mirrors, can't read time and texts in dreams. • Try passing ur hand through ur palm. u can do it in lucid dreams. 2) Keep a dream journal 3) Practice meditation daily
but I hv few experience in my sleep.. tht few animals attacked me and I try to move but I couldn't.. I literally scared to death.. I hv experienced it more often nowadays
permanent solution?
So you meant to say that to get in the state of lucid dreams we can use marijuana to achieve it
Hello to the discussion. When I had those parlzing dreams. I lived in a certian area and when I moved it stopped.
They always said if you want to know if you are dreaming pinch yourself. Mirrors, clocks in dreams wow, now thats dreaming.
Rey. Even I struggled a lot and so did my mom. But once I just let it in. I allowed the monster in(A female demon). As usual she was trying to choke me. But now I knew this is a dream. so I laughed out loud. The demon was ineffective. And meditation helped me a lot.
but I couldn't move my body.. thts the problem.. for few minutes I m stoned ..I need help
Kamal I would advice you not you use marijuana If u aren't above 25. And such practices may allow u to achieve much better state of mind. but use of drugs can impact your mental stability.
are you a frequent lucid dreamer?
Actually i am 29 now but it's been 16 months since I had an accident related to brain and since then I've become a changed personality. All my hobbies have changed even I've stopped watching movies. Must be because of my inability to focus on something for too long post accident. Really don't know.
you made a bad decision on letting them in😢, thats what the goal is, to go into your life and give you abilities/goods/comfort. the best way to take advantage of someone is to play it nice and offer them a twisted reality of good to keep the person hooked while they are taken advantage of.
my experience happend because i was becoming enlightened, the sleep paralysis was a fear tactic to shut me down. but instead pushed me to find inner power and wisdom. the last time i was awake and a light was coming out my chest, i pushed the demon with all my force,where it was right in my face.
after this it never bothered me again, to this day though i still think about what really was going on at the time. i have looked into different possibilities and at other peoples cases. my friends and some cousins have similar experiences but they dont understand what is going on, which is an issue
i wish to help people with, but what i learned is that its up to the indivisual what path they want to take. personaly i dont believe they are real demons attacking people, but energy that we carry with us from our surroundings and our own output. Pranav i think you found a different way to overcome
the attacks but not everyone can and shouldnt let them in.. you used your ability to change your perspective, giving you the power from god to denounce the energy and create a new power and wisdom growth, which is necessary for the change thats coming
when u respond consciously to life. Its really easy to get lucid dreams. But do not focus to much on lucid dreams as they are just dreams madeup by ur mind.
importance of psychology
Ajumuka Reply
helping someone whose in need
giving a huge hope to the not only the one community, but also all people on earth, maybe to whole universe.
Discovering the secrets behind cognition and the sense of self
discovering the secrets behind consciousness its self!
a better understanding of the "why's " of a person's actions to better help them
Hi,what is life-span prespective?
Roghayeh Reply
the estimated life spand of and individual or organision
life- span deals with the makeup of life. It's about understanding human development in every sense of the word. Just think about everything in the world being define. This is the study of overall.
thank u, stages of memory?
incoding storage and retrival it
to keep it
what is the relevance of psychology to law?
Ajumuka Reply
psychology provide insights on the impact of laws in the lives of the citizens
it helps examine different areas of legal and social significance
relevence of psychology is great in the legal system especially in psychopathology like the explaination of why tedd bundy did such gruesome acts and the explaination tbat what should be the rulling on such a person in such a case .....And also in cases generally for prisoners in prison..
it plays an extremely important role in law..sometimes the difference between outright guilt or insanity
discusse the behavioral an humanists of personality
Collins Reply
I'm having a little struggle understanding the topic
behavioralists and humanists I presume!
which chap..?pg nmbr...
it appears to be a depth check into the internal experience of whom you have found yourself to be, and wether it reflects what some people may have wished to find themselves being. the congruency vs incongruence seems a debate, Taoism vs motivation like "be better than you are!"
Hi, I'm pursuing my B A Psychology first year through Ambedkar open University I would like do internships about psychology or related fields. if any interns available in Chennai location let me know about that friends
Chennakesavarao Reply
Can someone please help me out with the humanistic theory?
onoja Reply
Humanistic, humanism and humanist are terms in psychology relating to an approach which studies the whole person, and the uniqueness of each individual. ... Sometimes the humanistic approach is called phenomenological. This means that personality is studied from the point of view of the individual's
the humanistic theory is apsychology perspective that considers all people are inherently good .To reach the level of "goodness" every person must go through certain phases in life. (psychologenie.com)
the humanistic theory is a group of diverse theories that share a holistic conceptualization that emphasis the uniqueness, value, dignity, and worth of each human being as an individual.
to help with the different types of mind set, with the interaction of people in the job they are going into.
Fritzina Reply
because psychology is the study of the mind. the mind is not a form you can touch.
it is a way to gain the knowledge directly and indirectly by observing and experience
the scientific study of
the study of the mind and behavior
as a psychologist we are not study people's mind, we are observed, explained, predict, control,describes. example we describe human behaviour :when we study the human behavior, then it will help us to describe behaviour of a particular person.
You are right Alice P
studying humans by observation only allows a view of the perceived interpretation of the observeds actions,what is missing is a major peice of what's truly happening out here in the real world and many people are not able to discuss life's questions that are asked and reults are misconstrued conclus
very true
Spanish lovin is right befor the time of god u know what I'm saying
think about a profiler. they use psychology to find a criminal and prosecute in the name of the LAW

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