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(a) Use the ideal gas equation to estimate the temperature at which 1.00 kg of steam (molar mass M = 18.0 g/mol ) at a pressure of 1.50 × 10 6 Pa occupies a volume of 0.220 m 3 . (b) The van der Waals constants for water are a = 0.5537 Pa · m 6 / mol 2 and b = 3.049 × 10 −5 m 3 / mol . Use the Van der Waals equation of state to estimate the temperature under the same conditions. (c) The actual temperature is 779 K. Which estimate is better?

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One process for decaffeinating coffee uses carbon dioxide ( M = 44.0 g/mol ) at a molar density of about 14,600 mol/m 3 and a temperature of about 60 ° C . (a) Is CO 2 a solid, liquid, gas, or supercritical fluid under those conditions? (b) The van der Waals constants for carbon dioxide are a = 0.3658 Pa · m 6 / mol 2 and b = 4.286 × 10 −5 m 3 / mol . Using the van der Waals equation, estimate the pressure of CO 2 at that temperature and density.

a. supercritical fluid; b. 3.00 × 10 7 Pa

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On a winter day when the air temperature is 0 °C , the relative humidity is 50 % . Outside air comes inside and is heated to a room temperature of 20 °C . What is the relative humidity of the air inside the room. (Does this problem show why inside air is so dry in winter?)

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On a warm day when the air temperature is 30 °C , a metal can is slowly cooled by adding bits of ice to liquid water in it. Condensation first appears when the can reaches 15 °C . What is the relative humidity of the air?

40.18 %

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(a) People often think of humid air as “heavy.” Compare the densities of air with 0 % relative humidity and 100 % relative humidity when both are at 1 atm and 30 °C . Assume that the dry air is an ideal gas composed of molecules with a molar mass of 29.0 g/mol and the moist air is the same gas mixed with water vapor. (b) As discussed in the chapter on the applications of Newton’s laws, the air resistance felt by projectiles such as baseballs and golf balls is approximately F D = C ρ A v 2 / 2 , where ρ is the mass density of the air, A is the cross-sectional area of the projectile, and C is the projectile’s drag coefficient. For a fixed air pressure, describe qualitatively how the range of a projectile changes with the relative humidity. (c) When a thunderstorm is coming, usually the humidity is high and the air pressure is low. Do those conditions give an advantage or disadvantage to home-run hitters?

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The mean free path for helium at a certain temperature and pressure is 2.10 × 10 −7 m . The radius of a helium atom can be taken as 1.10 × 10 −11 m . What is the measure of the density of helium under those conditions (a) in molecules per cubic meter and (b) in moles per cubic meter?

a. 2.21 × 10 27 molecules/m 3 ; b. 3.67 × 10 3 mol/m 3

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The mean free path for methane at a temperature of 269 K and a pressure of 1.11 × 10 5 Pa is 4.81 × 10 −8 m . Find the effective radius r of the methane molecule.

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In the chapter on fluid mechanics, Bernoulli’s equation for the flow of incompressible fluids was explained in terms of changes affecting a small volume dV of fluid. Such volumes are a fundamental idea in the study of the flow of compressible fluids such as gases as well. For the equations of hydrodynamics to apply, the mean free path must be much less than the linear size of such a volume, a d V 1 / 3 . For air in the stratosphere at a temperature of 220 K and a pressure of 5.8 kPa, how big should a be for it to be 100 times the mean free path? Take the effective radius of air molecules to be 1.88 × 10 −11 m , which is roughly correct for N 2 .

8.2 mm

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determining dimensional correctness
determine dimensional correctness of,T=2π√L/g
somebody help me answer the question above
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is it possible to increase the temperature of a gas without adding heat to it?
gurpreet Reply
I'm not sure about it, but I think it's possible. If you add some form of energy to the system, it's a possibility. Also, if you change the pression or the volume of the system, you'll increase the kinetic energy of the system, increasing the gas temperature. I don't know if I'm correct.
For example, if you get a syringe and close the tip(sealing the air inside), and start pumping the plunger, you'll notice that it starts getting hot. Again, I'm not sure if I am correct.
you are right for example an adiabatic process changes all variables without external energy to yield a temperature change. (Search Otto cycle)
when a current pass through a material does the velocity varies
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To know surfaces below graphs.
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Г=-dT/dZ that is simply defination
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to find the area under a graph or to accumulate .e.g. sum of momentum over time is no etic energy.
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it is the property of the by virtue of it regains it's original shape after the removal of applied force (deforming force).
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