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    wave velocity

    velocity at which the disturbance moves; also called the propagation velocity

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velocity is a physician vector quantity; both magnitude and direction needed to define it. the scalar absolute value ( magnitude) of velocity is called "speed being a coherent derived unite whose quantity is measured in SI ( metric system) as metres per second (m/s) or SI base unit of (m . s^-1).
Kessy Reply
number of lines passing through area which is placed at some angle. these line are are produced by charge(+ or -).
M. Reply
Junaid Reply
define electric flux? find the electric field due to a long strainght line
Aslam Reply
Clay Matthews, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, can reach a speed of 10.0 m/s. At the start of a play, Matthews runs downfield at 43° with respect to the 50-yard line (the +x-axis) and covers 7.8 m in 1 s. He then runs straight down the field at 90° with respect to the 50-yard line (that is, in the +y-direction) for 17 m, with an elapsed time of 2.9 s. (Express your answers in vector form.) (a) What is Matthews's final displacement (in m) from the start of the play?
Justin Reply
What is his average velocity (in m/s)?
A machine at a post office sends packages out a chute and down a ramp to be loaded into delivery vehicles. (a) Calculate the acceleration of a box heading down a 17.4° slope, assuming the coefficient of friction for a parcel on waxed wood is 0.100. (b) Find the angle of the slope down which this box could move at a constant velocity. You can neglect air resistance in both parts.
Austin Reply
what principle is applicable in projectile motion
Mkapa Reply
does rocket and satellite follow the same principle??? which principle do both of these follow???
Abhishek Reply
According to d'Broglie's concept of matter waves matter behaves like wave and the wavelength is h/p. but actually there is not only a wave but a wave packet wich is defined by a wave function and that wave function can defines everything about the particle but restricted by the uncertainty principle
Ravi Reply
what phenomenon describes Matter behave as a wave???
simple definition of wave
Prajwal Reply
Carls Reply
can anyone help me with this problem
A projectile is shot at a hill, the base of which is 300 m away. The projectile is shot at 60°60° above the horizontal with an initial speed of 75 m/s. The hill can be approximated by a plane sloped at 20°20° to the horizontal. Relative to the coordinate system shown in the following figure, the equation of this straight line is y=(tan20°)x−109.y=(tan20°)x−109. Where on the hill does the projectile land?
what is velocity
Abel Reply
hi, Musa,this moment a lateral
Arzoodan Reply
what is moment
Musa Reply
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