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    ultraviolet radiation

    UV; ionizing photons slightly more energetic than violet light

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Questions & Answers

what is nuclear reaction?
Velina Reply
In a chemical reaction, you have atoms being rearranged in different patterns, so you end up with the same atoms but different molecules. In a nuclear reaction, you go one step deeper: you rearrange protons and neutrons, do you end up with different atoms.
So, for example, stars fuse 2 Hydrogen atoms into 1 Helium atom (that's called nuclear fusion). Nuclear reactors break down heavy unstable atoms into smaller ones (that's nuclear fission)
whats drag force?
Muhsin Reply
who can explain me about the connecting between energy and work? I don't understand about the equation of the formula
The Reply
Energy can be defined as the ability an object has to do work. so lets say if u want to move something from one place to another you would need energy to do it. a table a certain distance, but if u dont have energy that means you will not be able to move it. Work=Force×distance.
from work-kinetic energy theorem we get that work=change in kinetic energy
what is thermo electric thermometer
Undie Reply
Who can help me with dynamics?
ivan Reply
can someone enumerate the First and second law of thermodynamics
oladele Reply
radiation of phones kept amazing me
Okugbesan Reply
Adeleke Reply
why acceleration due to gravity varies from place to place
I understand light is a range of wavelenghts from em spectrum, but Where do photons come from in particular, how it is emitted from the sun?
Ian Reply
please what is the formula for calculating Newton second law of motion?
Ogodo Reply
what is emotion
Lilian Reply
properties of transverse waves
Abiodun Reply
is visible light electromagnetic wave?
akash Reply
Visible light is a range of wavelengths within the electro magnetic spectrum.
It is electro magnetic radiation from the sun.
please what is the formula for coefficient of kinetic friction
Seyi Reply
What is work
Sunbomustaphar Reply
Practice Key Terms 9

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