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    heat pump

    a machine that generates heat transfer from cold to hot

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Questions & Answers

what is a torque
darke Reply
Omorodion Reply
[MLT-¹]& [MLT-²]
Hammad Reply
velocity dimensions--- meter/second and acceleration dimensions are meter/second^2
Bhaskar Reply
what is bulk modulus
what is the dimension between velocity and accelaration
Mustapha Reply
aristotal law speed is proportional to motive force and inversely proportional to the resistance....
Ashraf Reply
How to find coefficient of linear expansion
wahab Reply
What are the variations performed in Double Slit experiment..??
Vivek Reply
what is electric field near an uniformly charged sheet of conductor
Amit Reply
use the formula
Jed Reply
How do i calculate the force constant of a SHM
Daniel Reply
Tauhid Reply
what is the formula for maximum energy is wave
Sikiru Reply
how domain form
Shova Reply
Practice Key Terms 2

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