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    a type of WIMPs having masses about 10 −10 of an electron mass

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Questions & Answers

avg velocity of a particle in a material due to electric field
Cristiano Reply
what is drift velocity?
akash Reply
what's are maxwells equation on free space??
gravitational field straight is the point were of the gravity appear to be more concentrated
Oshaba Reply
what is Boltzmann's constant
Michael Reply
what is gravitational field strength
yes ahmed becz a body though with constant speed changes its direction posseses aceleration.
Ghulam Reply
what is Boltzmann constant
Nweke Reply
Is a body moving with constant speed in a circular path undergoing acceleration?
Ahmad Reply
pls what are the formulas for transformers??
Salawudeen Reply
Data's.... yes you could write "a" as "g" provided the term used in the question is "acceleration due to gravity"
Victor Reply
Second law of motion
Habeebah Reply
Rheostat is used to control current by varying resistance
Jananiy Reply
I little can't understand this can anyone explain it to me.
Samkelisiwe Reply
0.8 seconds. We need vertical speed (y axis) for this task. V final = V initial + a*t. V initial on y axis is 4 m/s, as V initial * sin(30°) = 8 / 2 = 4. Speed of the ball at the start will be equal to its speed when it hits the ground - V final = -4 m/s. a = -10 m/s^2 (acceleration due to gravity)
Data's Reply
rearrange the formula at the beginning and you will get t = (V final - V initial) / a. That is -8 / -10
you could write "a" as "g"
a ball is kicked with a velocity of 8ms at an angle of 30°to the horizontal. calculate the time of flight of the ball
Galaxy Reply

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