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Lynn marecek

Lynn Marecek has focused her career on meeting the needs of developmental math students during her tenure as a professor at Santa Ana College and prior to that as a high school teacher. No matter what she is involved in, her passion is her students-especially those who have struggled with math. At Santa Ana College she has been awarded the Distinguished Faculty Award, Innovation Award, and the Curriculum Development Award four times. She is a Coordinator of Freshman Experience Program, the Department Facilitator for Redesign, and a member of the Student Success and Equity Committee and the Basic Skills Initiative Task Force. She is a member of the AMATYC Developmental Math Committee. Lynn holds a bachelor’s degree from Valparaiso University and master’s degrees from Purdue University and National University. She has also completed work in a doctoral program in Instructional Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction in Higher Education.

Maryanne anthony-smith

MaryAnne Anthony-Smith was a mathematics professor at Santa Ana College for 39 years, until her retirement in June 2015. She was honored to have been hired fresh out of graduate school as the first woman math professor at the college and has since been honored with the college’s Distinguished Faculty, Professional Development, Curriculum Development, and Professional Achievement awards. MaryAnne has served as department chair, acting dean, chair of the professional development committee, institutional researcher, and faculty coordinator on several state and federally-funded grants. She is the community college coordinator of California’s Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project, a member of AMATYC’s Placement and Assessment Committee and is on the math workgroup writing the California Community Colleges’ Common Assessment. She is the author of the chapter Making Children Count: Fostering Mathematical Literacy in the 1999 NCTM publication Developing Mathematically Promising Students . She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California San Diego and master’s degrees from San Diego State and Pepperdine Universities.

Faculty Reviewers and Consultants

Tony Ayers, Collin College – Preston Ridge Community College, TX
David Behrman, Somerset Community College, KY
Brandie Biddy, Cecil College, MD
Bryan Blount, Kentucky Wesleyan College, KY
Steven Boettcher, Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ
Kimberlyn Brooks, Cuyahoga Community College, OH
Pamela Burleson, Lone Star College University Park, TX
Tamara Carter, Texas A&M University, TX
Phil Clark, Scottsdale Community College, AZ
Christina Cornejo, Erie Community College, NY
Denise Cutler, Bay de Noc Community College, MI
Richard Darnell, Eastern Wyoming College, WY
Robert Diaz, Fullerton College, CA
Karen Dillon, Thomas Nelson Community College, VA
Valeree Falduto, Palm Beach State, FL
Bryan Faulkner, Ferrum College, VA
David French, Tidewater Community College, VA
Stephanie Gable, Columbus State University, AL
Heather Gallacher, Cleveland State University, OH
Rachel Gross, Towson University, MD
Dianne Hendrickson, Becker College, MA
Linda Hunt, Shawnee State University, OH
Betty Ivory, Cuyahoga Community College, OH
Joanne Kendall, Lone Star College System, TX
Kevin Kennedy, Athens Technical College, GA
Stephanie Krehl, Mid-South Community College, AR
Allyn Leon, Imperial Valley College, CA
Gerald LePage, Bristol Community College, MA
Laurie Lindstrom, Bay de Noc Community College, MI
Jonathan Lopez, Niagara University, NY
Yixia Lu, South Suburban College, IL
Mikal McDowell, Cedar Valley College, TX
Kim McHale – Columbia College of Missouri, MO
Allen Miller, Northeast Lakeview College, TX
Michelle Moravec, Baylor University TX/McLennan Community College, TX
Jennifer Nohai-Seaman, Housatonic Community College, CT
Rick Norwood, East Tennessee State University, TN
Linda Padilla, Joliet Junior College, IL
Kelly Proffitt, Patrick Henry Community College, VA
Teresa Richards, Butte-Glenn Community College, CA
Christian Roldan-Johnson, College of Lake County Community College, IL
Patricia C. Rome, Delgado Community College, City Park Campus, LA
Kegan Samuel, Naugatuck Valley Community College, CT
Bruny Santiago, Tarrant College Southeast Campus, TX
Sutandra Sarkar, Georgia State University, GA
Richard Sgarlotti, Bay Mills Community College, MI
Chuang Shao, Rose State College, OK
Carla VanDeSande, Arizona State University, AZ
Shannon Vinson, Wake Technical Community College, NC
Maryam Vulis, Norwalk Community College, CT
Toby Wagner, Chemeketa Community College, OR
Libby Watts, Tidewater Community College, VA
Becky Wheelock, San Diego City College, CA

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