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Children sit in front of a bank of television screens. A sign on the wall says, “Some content may not be suitable for children.”
How does television content impact children’s behavior? (credit: modification of work by “antisocialtory”/Flickr)

Have you ever wondered whether the violence you see on television affects your behavior? Are you more likely to behave aggressively in real life after watching people behave violently in dramatic situations on the screen? Or, could seeing fictional violence actually get aggression out of your system, causing you to be more peaceful? How are children influenced by the media they are exposed to? A psychologist interested in the relationship between behavior and exposure to violent images might ask these very questions.

The topic of violence in the media today is contentious. Since ancient times, humans have been concerned about the effects of new technologies on our behaviors and thinking processes. The Greek philosopher Socrates, for example, worried that writing—a new technology at that time—would diminish people’s ability to remember because they could rely on written records rather than committing information to memory. In our world of quickly changing technologies, questions about the effects of media continue to emerge. Many of us find ourselves with a strong opinion on these issues, only to find the person next to us bristling with the opposite view.

How can we go about finding answers that are supported not by mere opinion, but by evidence that we can all agree on? The findings of psychological research can help us navigate issues like this.


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career options in psychology ??
vishav Reply
One can work as a counsellor or professor or else professional psychologist
the field is open to many opportunities
You can become a psychotherapist, psychology professor
You can become a neuroscience or psychology researcher.
I have studied a bachelor in pathology and cytology and now I work in a medical laboratory. However since I also have studied nonverbal communication I have developed an passion in psychology and neuroscience. I am thinking of doing a bachelor in psychology and then a master.
aemilius Reply
go for it!
James Carl Jung was the great dude that drifted towards this aspect of psychology I believe that such a science should not be confounded and bound to average laws
the mind is a deep ocean and hence needs to transcend science and merge with a more philosophical and spiritual ideologies
The mind is a product of the brain and the body so it can be researched. It is bound by laws of physics and biology. I do kot agree that spirituality is a better way because that is forged in superstition and religion. However I do agree that philosophy should always stay a part of science. Especia.
At least an introduction should be allowed. A lot of curious people sharing thoughts on a book; a brief background would be polite.
Steffen Reply
I'm an Attorney from South Africa working with family law. Learning and understanding expert Psycho-Legal reports brought me here.
I'm in hyd still studying I'm also interested in psychology
Psychology is just the study of the mind and how our behaviour is affected by different factors such as our environment as well as changes in our physiology
hi all, I'm hoping to study abroad i'm really interested in clinical psy
It's very heavy but very interesting. and it open so many ways for future.
I have studied pathology and am working in laboratory. However I am thinking of studying psychology as well because it is a passion of mine.
Hello I'm Amal from morocco , I'm management engineering student and I'm passionate about psychology.
I think neuroscience and psychology is fascinating! Eventually they'll merge and we'll start to drift away from the more philosophic "folk" psychology .
what is borderline personality disorder??
Fatima Reply
what is ADHD?
Safira Reply
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
hello team, Im from Colombia and I live on Orlando Florida
Juan Reply
there's a chat message with the textbook?? interesting..
Volf Reply
such a pleasure connecting with fellow psychologists
Cedric Reply
I suppose
yes pretty much
going to phd
Going to work on Doctoral in Sports Psychology.
I'm still thinking, seeing where they have scholarship opened yet
I nice to bee contected with you all... It's pritty around the word...
yes, actually an entrepreneurship major.
yes I am a homeland security and emergency management major
hi there I am from Romania psychology student nice to meet you all!
Anna Reply
you too which level are you in
oops...I mean year...I didn't know there was chat on here
Nice to meet you too Anna.
Hi, Australian first year student here
Hello there, I did 5 years in psychology in Brazil, now I am in Italy finishing my two years of study and thesis about sexology and criminology Douglas, a pleasure
Hi I'm from Denmark I am a high school student who is just really curious \(^♡^)/
hi there. I'm from Suisse. But I was born im Polen. Now I'm studing clinical psychologi in Polen
Hi there I'm English and live in Tamworth
entrepreneurship major at LMU. Intrigued by psychology.
Hi I'm from San Diego, Ca. & I am working on AA in massage therapy, AA in exercise wellness, BA in Fitness specialist, Doctoral in Sports Psychology because I am a youth football, track & basketball coach. I want to college in college for the U of O
we have no project yet.
Antonio Reply
what is a exercise psychology please explain
Deepak Reply
dont know
i guess ep is sport psychology. it contains motivation, struggle etc. most of people at the gym need to this
Is there actually a cure or therapy that works for narcissism? I came on this app in hope of answers.. My mom is ruining my entire family with her behavior. She no longer responds to rationality, and is descending into a dysfunctional spiral that I have no idea how to quell.
Danielle Reply
Starting to believe my only option is to sever ties completely to protect my own sanity..
no cure, due to it being a personality disorder. only treatment to help manage certain characteristics, however a narcissistic person would be difficult in therapy.
it's possible to live with someone who has narcissism but difficult.
I once lived with a narcissist...I used their own tactics against them.... role reversal! don't ever play into their trap.... be stronger than them never ever allowing them to see you in a weak moment due to their causing.... i.e stressed, tearful/crying, and especially angry.
don't ever allow their contact behavior to allow altering of your commitments/schedule cc and most importantly...... STAY CONSISTENT WITH WHICHEVER TACTICS YOU DECIDE ON TO SURVIVE. This worked for me, calmed them and over some time i was able to alter their behavior for the better.
the exact message I was to make this person understand is "they can get or have anything they want from me with the appropriate respectful behavior" furthermore this applies to any area of their life. behave your way to success! the world is not about you (them), it is about "US".
Hi, how are you today?
Alexander Reply
Fine though
Great, what about you?
anyone seen the musical Hamilton??
please can someone tell about wundt
Sombankz Reply
btw, do you have traditional Chinese edition of this app ?
Hoi Reply
Coz it would be beneficial to Asian, especially Hongkongers and Singaporean
Do you mean me? Hi everyone, I am a girl who come from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all :)

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