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O! that God would use me in bringing the lost ones to the Light. . .Lord, let this be my life work, if thou would'st only give me work in thy vineyard school-teaching would be a thing of the past. Ibid., September 12, 1898. (Underlining hers.)

I feel that to do work for the Lord is the greatest calling under the sun. I am happier in that work than anything else; there is no work that I now see by which I could make a living and I know of nothing except teaching school. I know that I could do some good teaching school, but nothing like as much as [I] would like. I am looking to the Lord to direct me. Ibid., October, 1898.

After teaching three years she followed her desire for a more direct religious vocation by enrolling in the Baptist Missionary Training School in Chicago, there being no such facility for women among Southern Baptists. Predictably, she reached a period of "agonized waiting upon the Lord" Singleton, p. 2. at a summer youth encampment in 1903 and gave herself to the only strictly religious calling and vocation open to one of her sex: missionary work. While the decision brought release and peace temporarily, she discovered that it did not end her spiritual quest.

Annie sailed for China in 1905 at age twenty-eight; her mission was to assist in establishing a Baptist center in the interior province of Honan. There she faced dilemmas common to missionaries: in China, a long period of language study prior to any undertaking; loneliness and homesickness; and the discovery that sin or imperfection haunted even those who feel they have given everything. She wrote remorsefully on the final day of 1905,

. . .even now, since I've been here I am not near the Lord all the time as I would like to be. I am so sinful—oh that my heart might be pure. . . . Sallee, December 31, 1905.
Neither did the gift of self-sacrifice eliminate the pain of separation from loved ones. Touching diary entries list members of her large family, their stages of development, and relationship to her.
she summed up her reflection,
I must be conceited to feel they all need me so, but I am sure there is no place on earth I'd rather be and there is no place on earth, so far as I know where my life counts for so much as at home.
I am not a bit discontented about being here. I know this is God's place for me, not my choosing, but His. I was willing to follow, hence I think it wrong for me to be sad about it when He is leading. I am happy to be here, but I am still human and very much so.
Ibid., 1905 (no specific day of entry noted).

Another issue—not common to all missionaries, but an important decision for women in her position—presented itself to Annie in China. Eugene Sallee, a member of the Honan Baptist mission group, asked her to marry him. As a younger woman she had had several suitors and imagined that she would someday marry, but her acceptance of the missionary challenge was based on serving as a single person. Although missionary wives like Anne Bagby were able to exercise a ministerial role unlike laywomen or pastors' wives in America, they were generally not as active, independent, or visible as unmarried female missionaries. Wives were clearly part of a team, but the husband was the spokesman and primary missionary appointee. For example, when Laura Barton, a Texas missionary to China for five years, married Z. C. Taylor, a widower serving in Brazil, it was assumed she would move to Brazil rather than vice versa.

Carroll, p. 730 reads:

. . .the bride [Miss Barton], of course, giving up her work in China.

A missionary wife's domestic role was thought to be her first duty and mission work extra, whereas unmarried women could devote themselves single-heartedly to religious tasks.

R. Pierce Beaver, American Protestant Women in World Missions (Grand Rapids, Mich., William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1968; rev. ed., 1980), pp. 48-57.

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