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This module represents a selected list of music for women's voices. Most are marked with an E, M, of D symbol noting the level of difficulty.

Music for women's voices

Aichinger, G., Regina Coeli(e) (Witmark&Sons).

Bach, J. S., Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heilen (m) (Mercury); Suscepit Israel(m) (E. C.Schirmer); We Hasten, O Jesu(m) (Oxford Univ. Press).

Bayley, R. C, Winds Through The Olive Trees(m) (BMI Canada Ltd.-248).

Baksa, R. F., Songs of Autumn and Winter(m) (Shawnee Press-B-328); Songs of Late Summer(m) (Shawnee Press-B-304).

Bartok, B., Don't Leave Me(m) (Boosey&Hawkes); Only Tell Me(m) (Boosey&Hawkes).

Bissell, K., Dream River (BMI Canada Ltd.-C246).

Brahms, J., Come Away, Come Away, Death! (E. C. Schirmer); Fidelin (E. C.Schirmer); Four Love Songs (E. C. Schirmer-189); Four Songs for Treble Voices(Shawnee Press-B-243); Greetings (E. C. Schirmer); I Hear a Harp (E. C. Schirmer); The Trysting Place (E. C. Schirmer-2505); Three Love Songs (E. C. Schirmer).

Britten, B., A Ceremony of Carols (Boosey&Hawkes; Fancie (e) (Boosey&Hawkes); Old Abram Brown (Boosey&Hawkes); Sweet Was the Song(m) (Faber).

Burt, A., The Alfred Burt Carols(e) (Shawnee Press).

Cope, C, Pleasure It Is(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-E33).

Coulthard, J., A Cradle Song(e) (BMI Canada Ltd.-252); The Signature of God(e) (Berandol Music Limited).

Deale, E. M., Ding! Dong! Merrily On High(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-W19).

Diemer, E. L., Fragments from the Mass(e) (E. B. Marks). Two Madrigals(m) (Hin- shaw).

di Lasso, O., Hodie Apparuit in Israel(m) (Galaxy).

Distler, H., Songs From The Morikelieder (m) (National Music Pub.).

Dello Joio, N., A Jubilant Song(d) (G. Schirmer); Song's End (G. Schirmer).

Des Pres, Josquin. Ave Verum(d) (World Library of Sacred Music).

Dunn, K., Attitudes of Christmas (e-m) (six pieces-can be purchased separately) (G. Schirmer).

Durufle, M., Tota Pulchra Es(m) (Durand).

Faure, G., Ave Verum(m) (E. C. Schirmer); Tantum Ergo(m) (E. C. Schirmer).

Felciano, R., Lullaby on Christmas Eve (e) (E. C. Schirmer).

Gallus, J., Replenti Sunt Omnes(m) (Mercury-DCS 31).

Gerrish, J., A Virgin Most Pure(e) (Associated Music Pub.-A-295).

Gibbs, C. C, The Oak and the Ash(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-W41).

Goemanne, N., Sanctus(e) (Mark Foster-907).

Grandi, A., Hodie Nobis de Caelo(e) (Mark Foster).

Hand, C, Patapan(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-W57).

Handel, G. F., O Lovely Peace, With Plenty Crowned(e) (E. C. Schirmer-1039); The Smiling Dawn(e) (G. Schirmer-150).

Haskell, J., Daar Kom Die Alabama(m) (Shawnee Press-B335).

Holst, G., A Dream of Christmas(m) (Curwen&Sons-8792); Ave Maria(d) (H. W. Gray); Love on My Heart from Heaven Fell (Novello 514).

Ingegneri, M. A., Vere Languores Nostros(m) (E. C. Schirmer-1506).

Jacques, R., The Lark in the Clear Air(m) (Oxford Univ. Press).

Kelly, B., On Christmas Eve(e) (Novello).

Kodaly, Z., Ave Maria(m) (Boosey&Hawkes 1711); Cease Your Bitter Weeping(e) (Boosey&Hawkes 1890); Christmas Dance of the Shepherds(e) (Presser); The Deaf Boatman(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-541).

Lubeck, V., Christmas Cantata(e) (Concordia-97-6379).

Lully, J. B., Ah! He Is Fair(e) (Elkan-Vogel, Inc-362-03114).

Mechem, K., I Shall Not Care(m) (E. C. Schirmer).

Mendelssohn, F., I Would That My Love(e) (G. Schirmer-5853); Laudate Pueri(e) (E. C. Schirmer-1839).

Mozart, W. A., Laudate Dominum(m) (Oxford Univ. Press-W90).

Nelson, R., Jehovah, Hear Our Prayer(m) (Summy-Birchard Co.-5052).

Palestrina, G. P., Crucifixus(m) (G. Schirmer-258); Magnificat(m) (Mercury-MC12).

Pinkham, D., Evergreen(e) (E. C. Schirmer); Three Lenten Poems of Richard Crashaw(m) (E. C. Schirmer-2572).

Pergolesi, G., Stabat Mater(m) (C. F. Peters-5363).

Poulenc, F., Ave Maria(d) (Ricordi-AP51).

Praetorius, M., Three Chorale Settings(e) (Shawnee Press-B-347).

Purcell, H., Lost is My Quiet(m) (E. C. Schirmer).

Schubert, F., Serenade(e) (Mercury MC 15); The Lord Is My Shepherd(e) (G. Schirmer-9110).

Schuman, R., Lovely Flower(e) (National Music Pub.).

Schumann, W., Prelude for Women's Voices(e) (G. Schirmer-8481).

Schutz, H., Jesus Our Saviour Is Born(m) (Concordia); O Gracious Lord Our God(m) (Concordia Pub. Co.-99-1558); Sing O Ye Saints(e) (Concordia Pub. Co. 98- 1414).

Thompson, R., Come In(e) (E. C. Schirmer-2539); Pueri Hebraeorum(d) (E. C. Schirmer-492); The Lord Is My Shepherd(m) (E. C. Schirmer-2684).

Trant, B., Au Clair De La Lune(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-W75); When Was Jesus Born?(e) (Oxford Univ. Press-W73).

Vaughan-Williams, R., Folk Songs of the Four Seasons(e) (Oxford Univ. Press); Lullaby(e) (Oxford Univ. Press); Magnificat(m) (Oxford Univ. Press); The Song of the Tree of Life(m) (Oxford Univ. Press); Three Children's Songs(e) (Oxford Univ. Press).

Weelkes, T„ The Gods Have Heard My Vows(e) (Stainer&Bell-1797).

Wilbye, J., Away! Thou Shalt Not Love Me(e) (Stainer&Bell); Come Shepherd Swains(e) (Stainer&Bell); Ye Restless Thoughts(e) (Elkan-Vogel, Inc-362-03115).

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