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[LO 3.1]

2. A winner accepts responsibility

I know many mothers who are tired and run down after their children have finished their examinations. I also know fathers who burn the midnight oil in front of the computer to make sure that their sons' or daughters' projects get the highest marks in the class. Do you also know people like that?

Of course it is nice if someone else does your work for you. And it is very nice if someone else always rescues you from sticky situations- especially if you caused the situations! The problem is that such an overprotected person never learns to stand on

his or her own feet and becomes helpless if they are confronted with unfamiliar things or situations. Often parents find it difficult to decide when you are ready to accept certain responsibilities.

Naturally, one is entitled to support from the people who care for you. If you are unhappy or ill, friends and family should rally round and help you through the difficult time. But - no one should carry the baggage of someone else all the time. If you do not learn to accept responsibility for your actions and work when you are young, you will probably have a really tough time when you have a job or when you have to leave the house.

Every person has responsibilities - from brushing your own teeth, saying "thank you" and "please" when you are a little three year old - to the responsible spending of your pocket money at 13 years of age.


Answer the questions following and discuss the answers in class.

Remember, it is all right to have different opinions! Your circumstances, personalities differ ... and so do your parents...

How old must you be to accept responsibility for the following?

1. your personal hygiene

2. keeping your room neat and clean

3. your homework and study time

4. the results of your tests and exams

5. your behaviour at parties

6. lies you tell

7. sexual activities

8. the spending of your pocket money

9. part time work

10. passing information from and to school


1. Did the answers of the learners differ a lot? Say yes or no and give reasons.

2. Where were the biggest similarities and differences ? What did the class disagree or agree on?

3. Which factors could cause the differences of opinions?

4. Do you think you carry more or fewer responsibilities than your classmates? Give reasons for your answer.

[LO 3.1]

3. A winner has a positive self-concept

Your self-concept (how you see yourself and how you think others see you) often determine your successes or failures.

Your self-concept is often linked to specific situations, for example, the sport fields, the school, and your social life. If Bull is an outstanding athlete, but a poor scholar, he would feel positive towards sport and motivated to try his best. In school situations, however, Bull will have difficulty motivating himself or would rather not try than fail. The problem is, no matter what others try, Bull has to convince himself that he can do better at school before he will have more success.

Your self-concept determines how hard you are going to try and how you handle success and failures. Read the page "You are what you think..." again and take note of the importance of positive selfspeak once more. We have also looked briefly at the factors influencing your self-concept in the first part of the module – factors such as your family, friends, teachers, your environment, etc.

It is important to be aware of your strong and your weak spots in order to set realistic goals - and to work towards reaching those goals. There is a very true saying: "Nothing succeeds like success". Set your goals in such a way that you ensure success without getting lazy and complacent.

On your own!

(You do not have to share it if you do not want to)

1. My best characteristic is:

2. My weakest characteristic is:

3. What can I do to improve the weak spot?

I can:

4. A winner must be able to lose gracefully sometimes

Our society is an intensely competitive one, whether we like it or not. You will always find someone faster, stronger, cleverer, prettier or more charming than you. Therefore, you need to know how to lose or concede defeat in such a way that nobody loses respect for you in the process.

The positive thing about competition is that it can motivate you to do your very best. The negative side is that you could become so focused on winning that the activity and the joy you find in it, become secondary to winning.

For example, it is wonderful to be able to play a musical instrument really well. To be able to do it well, you have to practise. However, few of us are concert material and will lose our joy in playing the instrument if we have to practise for hours on end. It is the same with sport. If you play tennis, there will be times that you lose, even if you practise hard. It should not take away the joy of the game. A person should be realistic. If you do your best and you are having fun and enjoying it - what more can you ask for? Then you are a winner!

Two brief discussions!

Complete the table after discussing the behaviour of good losers and bad losers.

Good losers Bad losers
  • Are you a good loser or a bad loser?


Learning outcomes(LOs)
LO 3
Personal development The learner will be able to use acquired life skills to achieve and extend personal potential to respond effectively to challenges in his or her world.
Assessment standards(ASs)
We know this when the learner:
3.1 analyses and discusses factors which influence self-concept formation and self-motivation;3.2 reflects on appropriate behaviour in different kinds of interpersonal relationships.

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