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In central Africa gold was plentiful and the king of the Congo maintained such opulence in his capital that visiting Portuguese were amazed and made haste to make an alliance, not a conquest. About 1441 they brought Christianity to western, central Africa, going even 200 miles up the Congo to convert the Congo king. Incidentally, they brought back gold. (Ref. 175 ) Living in the great bend of the Congo, in the plateau north of Stanley Pool, were the Teke people in a number of chiefdoms collectively known as Mongo. (Ref. 83 )

Farther east in the lake country between Tanzania and Zaire there appeared in this 15th century the Batutsi, a tall, warrior people, perhaps originally from Ethiopia. They invaded and subjugated the native Bahutu in Burundi. In Kenya, the nomadic Masai entered from the north, joining the Kikuyu already there and then some Luo entered from the west. The Kikuyu were Bantu-speakers and related groups established themselves in parts of the Transvaal and Natal as well as the lower Congo and Zambezi by about A.D. 1500. Kitari was an Hamitic kingdom north of Lake Victoria. (Ref. 175 , 83 )

In the meantime Muslim Swahili

"Swahili" implies "Arab and Negro". (Ref. 83 )
city-states had been established all down the eastern coast of Africa and there was special interest in the gold of the Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) region. The Bantu-speakers had migrated southward along the spine of east Africa with a new war-like ethos and a pastoral life, dominating other tribes and reaching the Zambesi River by the end of the century. Arab trade inland actually declined, because these Bantu were less amenable to exploitation than their predecessors, chiefly Bushmen. By 1440 King Mutota of the Rozur clan in the Katanga nation assembled an army which completely dominated the Rhodesian plateau within 10 years. This period has been described by Charles Colt, Jr. (Ref. 35 ) as a splitting of the Shona state into two rival kingdoms. At any rate, as ruler of an empire, Mutota than took the title of Mwene Mutapa
In the Shona language, "Mwene Mutapa" means "Master Pillager". (Ref. 176 )
. The Portuguese wrote this as Monomotapa , which soon became the name of the empire, itself. The stone birds, which have been found in the ruins of old Zimbabwe, were probably important in the religious ritual of that theocratic empire. The realm was soon subject to revolution and succession wars and this resulted in many "ups and downs" in its history and in its buildings. From the beginning in 1440 on for 400 years, however, there was a progressive evolution of artistic and technical skills in that society. The Monomatapa ruler was considered divine and his subjects would hear him but not look at him and had to approach him on their stomachs. He lived amid great pomp, but when he became seriously ill or very old he was obliged to take poison. At the end of the 15th century the entire nation moved hundreds of miles north, apparently because the local salt supplies of Great Zimbabwe had been exhausted. Their extensive stone buildings, which still exist, were abandoned at that time. (Ref. 8 , 83 , 35 , 176 , 211 , 45 )

Explorer Diogo Cao claimed Angola for Portugal in 1483 and the slave trade was opened up in earnest. In the next four centuries, some 3,000,000 slaves were sent to Brazil by the Portuguese. At the very tip of South Africa the people seen when the Europeans first explored the area were the Bushmen, who were hunters and gatherers, and the Hottentots (Khoikhoi), who herded sheep and cattle along the coastal regions. As noted previously, these were not Bantu-speaking people. (Ref. 175 )

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