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Students with disabilities receiving special education who do not meet the requirements for a diploma as set forth in the Standards of Quality and the Standards of Accreditation may be awarded a special diploma. Only students with a current IEP are eligible for this diploma option. The student with disabilities who successfully completes the requirements as set forth in his/her IEP (Individualized Education Program) may be awarded a Special Diploma (IEP Diploma).

Horizon High School Course Descriptions

8001 Arts and Culture I8002 Arts and Culture IICredit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Arts and Culture class discusses the background, meanings, symbolism, trends and styles of Art, Music, Theatre, Dance, and other art forms. Additionally, artistic methodology and techniques are also covered. The student discovers what is embodied in a work of art as well as develops an understanding of the important connection between history and the arts. 8300 Environmental Appreciation Credit = 1Grade Level(s):10-12The study of the environment through discussions, guest lectures, and field trips. Students develop an awareness of the impact our environment plays on the development of world cultures.
1100 English/Environmental LiteratureCredit = 1Grade Level(s): 9Through this course students will develop proficiency in oral presentations. This course introduces students to significant literary works from a variety of cultures and eras. 9700 Creative Writing9750 Creative Writing IICredit = 1Grade Level(s): 10-12Introduction to poetry and narrative writing.
1200 EnglishCredit = 1Grade Level: 10Emphasizes communication in small-group learning activities. Includes literary works from a variety of eras and cultures. Stresses analytical reading skills. Emphasizes a variety of writing with a focus on exposition. 7001 Journalism I (Online Only) 7002 Journalism II (Online Only) 7003 Journalism III (Online Only)Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Introduction to the principles of print and broadcast journalism. Students will participate in a video new program, which is broadcast daily throughout the school.
1204 Pre. AP EnglishCredit = 1Grade Level: 10Emphasis on the development of analytical reading and writing skills. 7100 Photojournalism I (OO) 7200 Photojournalism II (OO) 7300 III Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Students will work towards producing the school yearbook, while exploring ethical journalism issues. Students will also develop advanced technological skills (computer and digital photography)
1300 English SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level: 11Includes the study of American literature. Emphasizes business and technical correspondence, research skills, and persuasive writing. Prepares students for the SOL tests in Writing and Reading, Literature, and Research. Students must pass both tests in order to graduate. 9600 Public Speaking and DebateCredit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Introduces students to the fundamentals of public speaking, oral interpretation, and debate.
1350 English Credit = 1Grade Level: 12Continued development of vocabulary, composition, language study, and speech. 8100 Theatre Arts I 8110 Theatre Arts II 8120 Theatre Arts III Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Focuses on performance skills with emphasis on body movement and vocal quality. Emphasizes acting with an overview of historical styles of acting. Emphasizes the basic lessons in sensory and emotional perception, imagination, movement, language, and voice.
1400 AP English Credit = 1Grade Level: 12Continued development/analysis of literary themes, world literature, and writing composition.
Health&Physical Education
2000 Healthy Living I (Online Only) 2100 Healthy Living II (OO)Credit = 0.5Grade Level(s): 9-12Application of health knowledge. HL1 provides instruction in fitness, first aid, CPR, disease prevention, family life education. HL11 provides instruction in consumer health, mental health, family life education, substance abuse and prevention. 2200 Team Sports I 2300 Team Sports IICredit = 0.5Grade Level(s): 9-12Instruction in the development of physical fitness through aerobic activities, fitness activities, and dance activities. Prepares students to evaluate personal fitness levels, establish goals and develop a personal fitness plan.
2200 Driver’s Education (Online Only)Credit = 0.5Grade Level(s): 10-12Designed to meet DMV requirements. Upon completion of this course students will be prepared to take the fourteen hours of behind the wheel instruction from a commercial driving school. 8200 Dance I8210 II8220 IIICredit = 0.5Grade Level(s): 9-12Students will have the opportunity to experience, evaluate, and choreograph a variety of dance forms and rhythmic movement.
3100 Algebra I SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-10Algebra I is the beginning math course taught at the high school level. Studies algebraic language, the real number system, linear and quadratic equations, linear inequalities, coordinate plane graphing with slope, polynomials, statistics, factoring, systems of equations, rational and irrational expressions and operations. 3120 Geometry SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-11Studies traditional Euclidean Geometry and a formal study of circles and polygons. Views Geometry as a branch of mathematics founded on a system of axioms from which its theorems are formally derived by inductive and deductive methods.
3130 Algebra II SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 9-12Expands on the mathematical content of algebra and geometry. Introduces new concepts that broaden algebraic reasoning: rational and irrational expression and equations, exponential functions, and finite sequences and series. 3140 Functions, Stats, and Trig.Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 10-12A bridge course between Algebra I and Algebra II. Students will study functions and their behaviors, systems of inequalities, probability, and experimental design and implementation.
3150 Pre CalculusCredit = 1Grade Level(s): 11-12Integrates and extends topics studied in previous mathematics courses. Presents introductory calculus topics including limits and continuity. 3200 AP Calculus Credit = 1Grade Level(s): 12For students who have a thorough knowledge of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and analytic geometry. Includes elementary functions, limits, differential and integral calculus. College credit may be given as a result of the test score on the AP Test.
3300 AP StatisticsCredit = 1Grade Level(s): 12Analyzes data use of graphical and numerical techniques to study patterns. Collects data according to well-developed plans in order to validate conjectures. Uses probability as a tool for anticipating what data should look like. Uses statistical inference to select an appropriate model. College credit may be given as a result of the test score on the AP Statistics Test.
210 Principles of Business&Marketing I211 Principles of Business&Marketing IICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Designed to provide students with the skills needed for entry-level employment in the field of retail; wholesale; and service industry businesses.
9000 Band 9010 Band II 9120 Band III 9130 Band IV Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12A performance based class. Emphasizes the concepts of performance and the art of improvisation as well as the study of band music. 9200 Beginning Orchestra9300 Advanced OrchestraCredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12A performance based class. Provides an opportunity to study, analyze, and perform various standard works from the Baroque to the present.
9400 Beginning Choir9500 Concert ChoirCredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Emphasis will be placed on correct vocal technique. Development of musical skills and understanding are emphasized. Music of all genres will be studied.
4100 Earth Science SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-10Study of the Earth’s composition, structure, processes, and history; its atmosphere, fresh water, and oceans; and its environment in space. Interpretation of maps, charts, and profiles are emphasized. Emphasizes man’s impact on his environment. Plate tectonics, the rock cycle, weather and climate, and the solar system and the universe are major topics of study. 4200 Biology SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Provides students with a detailed understanding of living systems. Emphasizes biochemical processes, cellular organization, mechanisms of inheritance, dynamic relationships among organisms, and the change in organisms over time.
4300 Advanced Biology SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):10-12Provides students with a detailed understanding of living systems. Emphasizes the investigation of biochemical processes, cellular organization, mechanisms of inheritance, dynamic relationships among organisms, and the change in organisms over time. Requires students to complete a science research project. 4400 Environmental Science I4450 Environmental Science IICredit = 1Grade Level(s):10-12Provides students with scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies necessary to understanding the interrelationships of the natural world. Identifies and analyzes natural and man-made environmental problems; evaluates associated risks and examines alternative solutions for these problems.
4500 EcologyCredit = 1Grade Level(s):11-12Provides a balanced understanding of how organisms interact with living and non-living parts of the environment. Emphasizes development of critical thinking and decision-making skills. 4600 Chemistry SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):11-12Studies the interaction of matter and energy. The interaction involves experimental and analytical investigations using technology. Concepts are illustrated through nuclear and environmental content. Provides opportunities for students to complete research projects.
4700 PhysicsCredit = 1Grade Level(s):11-12Major areas include force and motion, energy transformation, wave phenomena and the electromagnetic spectrum, light, electricity, fields, and non-Newtonian physics.. 4650 AP ChemistryCredit = 1Grade Level:12College level course which builds on a student’s knowledge of basic chemistry. Topics include in-depth studies of atomic theory, states of matter, and chemical reactions. Extensive laboratory work.
Social Studies
5100 World History I SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-Provides an in-depth study of world history from prehistoric times to 1500 A.D. Students will analyze various regions of the world in terms of political, economic, religious, technological, and social global systems. 5200 World History II SOL Test Credit = 1Grade Level(s):10Provides an in-depth study of world history from 1500 A.D. to the present. Students study the important systems of the world – historical, political, economic, religious, technological, and social – and students will compare and contrast regions of the world in the terms of those systems.
0009 Environmental GeographyCredit = 1Grade Level(s):10-11Study of the world’s people, places, and environments. The relationship between people and physical and ecological environments is studied. 5300 VA/US History SOL Test 5350 VA/US History APCredit = 1Grade Level(s):11-12Students will be provided with a basic knowledge of American culture through a chronological survey of major issues, movements, people, and events from the Age of Exploration to the present. Students will read and interpret important documents from U.S. History and examine major trends in the nation’s history. College credit may be earned as a result of the test score on the AP U.S. History Exam.
5400 Government5450 AP GovernmentCredit = 1Grade Level(s):12Examines the origin and workings of the American and Virginia political systems. Students will develop an understanding of the U.S. and Virginia constitutions, foreign and domestic policies, and economics. College credit may be earned as a result of the test score on the AP Government exam.
World Languages
6001 Chinese ICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Introduces listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Stresses skills leading to communication. 6101 Latin I (Online Only) Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Introduces the language through translation of simple selections. Places emphasis on vocabulary.
6002 Chinese IICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Expands grammar and vocabulary to raise the level of proficiency required for self-expression both in oral&written forms. 6102 Latin II (OO) II Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Presents more advanced reading selections with the continued application of skills (pronunciation, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary). Continues attention to the Latin language’s influence upon present-day culture.
6003 Chinese IIICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Reviews grammar, expands cultural experiences, increases oral proficiency 6103 Latin III (OO) Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Includes the readings and studies of various Roman writers. Reviews language forms as well as the cultural influences of the Romans.
6201 Spanish ICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Introduction to reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. Introduces grammar and listening skills, and various cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries. 6301 American Sign Language ICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Beginning level of American Sign Language. This course may satisfy foreign language requirements only if ASL II and III are offered. Some colleges do not recognize ASL as a foreign language for an entry requirement.
6202 Spanish II Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Continues the development of the aural-oral skills. Includes a review and expansion of the fundamental structures of the Spanish language with increased emphasis on writing. 6302 ASL II Credit = 1Grade Level(s):10-12This course introduces vocabulary and grammar. Increased expressive and receptive skills will be emphasized in American Sign Language II. This course is conducted with decreased voice interpretation. Some colleges do not recognize ASL as a foreign language for entry requirements.
6203 Spanish III Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Reviews grammatical structures and stresses self-expression through composition&conversation. Provides opportunities&experiences for the development of the ability to read Spanish with comprehension. Emphasizes the history, culture,&civilizations of Spanish-speaking people. 6303 ASL IIICredit = 1Grade Level(s):10-12Special emphasis on communicating with people who use ASL. Students will focus on conversation and storytelling. This course is conducted in ASL with little or no voice interpretation.
Career; Computer Science and Technology
100 Computer Applications I Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Introduction to the following computer applications: word processing; spreadsheets; databases; and graphics. 110 Computer Hardware/NetworkingCredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Students learn how to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair computer issues.
120 Design, Multimedia and Web Technology (Online Only)Credit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Introduction to website design incorporating the elements of: Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher. 130 TV/Video Productions I131 TV/Video Productions IICredit = 1Grade Level(s):9-12Students participate in the production of HHS’s daily news broadcast. Students learn the basics of program production, direction and set design.
200 Economics and Personal FinanceCredit = 0.5Grade Level(s):9-12Introduction to practical skills needed as a consumer in today’s economy. Students prepare for responsible citizenship in a global economy by studying principles of economics and personal finance. 300 Environmental TechnologyCredit = 0.5Grade Level(s):9-12Introduction to environmental technology as it relates to environmental pollutants. Students will gain insight into the sources of pollutants and the real-life technology that is put in place to combat the effects of environmental pollutants.
310 Horticulture I 311 Horticulture II 312 Horticulture III Credit = 0.5Grade Level(s):9-12Students prepare for careers in landscape/turf design, construction, and maintenance. Greenhouse and nursery components will also be covered. 320 Agriculture I321 Agriculture II321 Agriculture IIICredit = 0.5Grade Level(s):9-12The student will explore career clusters such as agriculture production; animals and crops; natural resources including soil, air, water, forestry, and wildlife; and the production and processing of meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.
010 SGA011 SGA012 SGACredit = 0.5Grade Level(s):10-12Students participate in student government activities, under the direction of an elected class sponsor and teacher leader.

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I'm not sure why it wrote it the other way
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The answer is neither. The function, 2 = 0 cannot exist. Hence, the function is undefined.
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Differences Between Laspeyres and Paasche Indices
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At high concentrations (>0.01 M), the relation between absorptivity coefficient and absorbance is no longer linear. This is due to the electrostatic interactions between the quantum dots in close proximity. If the concentration of the solution is high, another effect that is seen is the scattering of light from the large number of quantum dots. This assumption only works at low concentrations of the analyte. Presence of stray light.
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