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Setting limits

Limits are the way in which we make classrooms safe and productive. We set limits in order to explain choices and consequencessimply, clearly, and calmly.

Why We Do It - To help a person better understand their present circumstances and guide him/her toward constructivebehaviors. Limits empower the individual, allow the person to "save face," and help us to avoid physical confrontation. Setting limits is a first stepin teaching a person to solve problems.

When We Do It - When an individual is unable to identify choices and consequences for him or herself, but may still be ableto understand and utilize information when it is presented.

TIPS for Effective Classroom Management

  • Acknowledge the person's feelings and point of view.
  • Ask for cooperation first.
  • State reasonable and enforceable actions.
  • Pay attention to behavior spoken or unspoken.
  • Focus on the positive.
  • Set up limits within the school's rules and the individual's rights.
  • Assess whether or not the limits were heard and understood.
  • Allow time for the person to think and make a decision.
  • Follow through with consequences.

Required Reading:

Bringing Classroom Rules to Life describes a positive approach to helping children create and live by classroom rules throughpractice and role-playing. Click on the Word icon below to access Bringing Classroom Rules to Life:

Bringing Classroom Rules to Life

Assignment 6: your classroom management plan

Assignment 6: Your Classroom Management Plan


One Way

To do this assignment, click on the link in color at the top of the page. When it appears, press "Save" and name the file so that you canwork on this assignment "off-line." You can type right on the assignment template. Be sure to save your assignment on a disk or on your computer harddrive.

Another Way

You can also copy the text below, and save it to your disk or computer.

GOAL: To reflect upon your current classroom management plan to inform any modifications you may wish to make for the future.

GIVE: Feedback to others on their assignments at the TWB Learning Cafe .

Assignment 6: Your Classroom Management Plan

Please answer the following questions:

  • How is your room set up for the best possible student behavior?
  • How do your students know about limits?
  • What is your plan for disruptive students?
  • How do you reduce fear, fight, and flight?
  • How do you create a sense of firmness, fairness, and friendliness?Give 3 examples.


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