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This module provides a vocabulary list/glossary for use with the excerpt “Historia de Xochitl” from the linked on-line book, "Historia moral de las mujeres." It can be used alongside the lesson plan provided in the module, “Historia de Xochitl”: A Cultural Spanish reading passage(http://cnx.org/content/m38472/latest/). It is meant for intermediate to advanced Spanish students (AP Spanish or college-level).

This vocabulary list or glossary was created for use with the excerpt "Historia de Xochitl" from the book Historia Moral de las Mujeres (pp. 433-435). The complete book is freely available on the Our Americas Archive Partnership website. This list can be used alongside the lesson plan, “Historia de Xochitl”: A Cultural Spanish reading passage .


Xochitl, the flower

a la sazón at that time, then
abrasador burning, very hot
acertada correct
afrenta affront
alcázar fortress, castle
alegar alleged
alentar encourage, animate, comfort
anciano old man, elderly man
anegar flood, drown
aprestar to prepare or get ready
arruinar to ruin
avergonzar to embarrass
ceder to cede, give up, give over
colina hill
colmo the height, to make matters worse
comarca area
conculcar to break, to infringe upon
conseguir to get, to find
cosecha harvest
decadencia decadence
delito crime
derrotar to defeat
desarreglar to disrupt, disorder, disarrange
desdicha misfortune, misery
desenfreno lack of control, debauchery
dictar dictate, pronounce
discordia discord, disagreement
diseminar to spread, disperse, scatter
disipación dissipation, separation of the smaller parts of a whole
disoluta dissolute, lewd
doncella maiden
emprender to undertake, to start
encarnizada fierce, bloody, vicious
escudo shield
granero granary, corn loft
halago flattery
heredero heir
hueste army, followers
inaudito unheard-of, strange
infructousa fruitless, unsuccessful
inquirir to inquire into, investigate
llanura plain
maguey a plant (the American agave)
malgastar to misspend, waste
matrona matron
mies ripe corn, corn fields, harvest
mira intention, to set one's sights on
obsequio gift
paradero whereabouts
pesquisa investigation, search, inquiry
recinito area, place, grounds, district
refriega skirmish, scuffle, encounter
refuerzo reinforcement
retirar retreat, withdrawal
rumbo course, headed for
sequía drought
soberano sovereign, king
sobremanera exceedingly
tregua truce
trémula tremulous, shaking, quivering
unos y otros both, both sides
vasallo vassal, subject

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