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Plot height versus time

Use your graph board and about 30 pushpins to plot the height of the arrow on the vertical axis versus time on the horizontal axis. Because of the largenumber of points, you shouldn't need to connect the pins to get a good feel for the shape of the graph. Plot one point each 0.25 seconds. Allow for amaximum time value of about 7 seconds and a maximum height value of about 165 feet.

Tactile graphics

The svg file named Phy1080a1 contains a graph that serves for this exercise plus the next couple of exercises. This graph plots the height of the arrow, thevelocity of the arrow, and the acceleration of the arrow versus time from the time that it is released until it strikes the ground approximately six secondslater.

The image contained in this file is shown in Figure 1 for the benefit of your assistant who will manually emboss the diagram. Note that as usual, this is a mirror image of the image that is to be presented to the student afterembossing. A non-mirror-image version is shown in Figure 2 .

Figure 1 . Mirror image contained in the file named Phy1080a1.svg.
Missing image.
Figure 2 . Non-mirror-image contained in the file named Phy1080a1.svg.
Missing image.

Key-value pairs

The table of key-value pairs for this file is provided in Figure 3 .

Figure 3 . Key-value pairs for the image in Phy1080a1.svg.
m: Height, velocity, and acceleration versus time. n: 150o: 100 p: 50q: 0 r: -50s: -100 t: Height in feetu: Velocity in feet per second v: Time in secondsw: 0 x: 6y: Acceleration in feet per second per second z: File: Phy1080a1.svg

Create a script

Please copy the code shown in Listing 1 into an html file and open the file in your browser.

Listing 1 . Variable velocity exercise #1.
<!---------------- File JavaScript01.html ---------------------><html><body><script language="JavaScript1.3">document.write("Start Script</br>"); //Declare and initialize constantsvar g = -32.2;//acceleration of gravity in ft/(sec*sec) var v0 = 100;//initial velocity in ft/secvar h0 = 6;//initial height in feet var tInc = 0.25;//calculation interval in seconds//Declare and initialize working variables var t = .0001;//current time in secondsvar h = h0;//current height in feet //The following variable is used to insert spaces in// the output display. var sp = "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;" //Compute and display various values for as long as the// height of the projectile is above the ground. while(h>0){ //This is the general equation for the height of a// projectile under the influence of gravity in a // vacuum.h = h0 + v0*t +0.5*g*t*t; //Display the information for this iterationdocument.write( "t = " + t.toFixed(2) + " seconds" + sp +" h = " + h.toFixed(1) + " feet" + sp + "</br>"); //Increment the time for the next iteration.t = t + tInc; }//end while loopdocument.write("End Script");</script></body></html>

Screen output

The text shown in Figure 4 should appear in your browser window when you open the html file in your browser.

Figure 4 . Screen output for Listing #1.
Start Script t = 0.00 seconds h = 6.0 feett = 0.25 seconds h = 30.0 feet t = 0.50 seconds h = 52.0 feett = 0.75 seconds h = 72.0 feet t = 1.00 seconds h = 89.9 feett = 1.25 seconds h = 105.8 feet t = 1.50 seconds h = 119.8 feett = 1.75 seconds h = 131.7 feet t = 2.00 seconds h = 141.6 feett = 2.25 seconds h = 149.5 feet t = 2.50 seconds h = 155.4 feett = 2.75 seconds h = 159.2 feet t = 3.00 seconds h = 161.1 feett = 3.25 seconds h = 160.9 feet t = 3.50 seconds h = 158.8 feett = 3.75 seconds h = 154.6 feet t = 4.00 seconds h = 148.4 feett = 4.25 seconds h = 140.2 feet t = 4.50 seconds h = 130.0 feett = 4.75 seconds h = 117.7 feet t = 5.00 seconds h = 103.5 feett = 5.25 seconds h = 87.2 feet t = 5.50 seconds h = 69.0 feett = 5.75 seconds h = 48.7 feet t = 6.00 seconds h = 26.4 feett = 6.25 seconds h = 2.1 feet t = 6.50 seconds h = -24.2 feetEnd Script

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