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Does the District Instructional program include ongoing assessment of student progress toward meeting the competency requirements in these areas:

Language Arts




Social Science


Visual Arts


Foreign or native American language

Additional subjects may be offered by the local district, including, but not limited to: Performing Arts, Practical Arts.

Does the district program ensure that prior to the issuance of a standard certificate of promotion from the 8 th grade, each student shall demonstrate competency, as defined by the local governing board, of the state board-adopted essential skills for grade 8 in the subject area.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Certain requirements of this Rule related to Special Education are monitored by Arizona Department of Education's Special Education staff and will not be referenced in this publication.
The local Governing Board of each school district is responsible for developing a course of study and graduation requirements for all students placed in special education programs in accordance with R7-2-401 et seq.
Students placed in special education classes in grades K-8 are eligible to receive the standard certificate of promotion without meeting State Board competency requirements, but reference to special education shall be placed on the student's transcript or in the permanent file.

Does the district, if it chooses to use distance education delivery methods, ensure that distance education does not include correspondence courses. Does the district ensure that all distance education providers used by the district have registered with the Department of Education and that teaching partners are supervised by an individual certified pursuant to R7-2-603.

Does the District, if it chooses to use distance education delivery methods and make the program part of the instructional program, ensure that:

  1. Only those distance education providers registered with the Department of Education are used to provide distance education; and
  2. The teaching partners who assist the students in receiving the instruction onsite have instructional and technical facilitator training and are supervised by an individual certified pursuant to R7-2-603.

[ ] Yes [ ]No

Distance education is defined as instructional-learning arrangements in which the distance education instructor and the student are separated geographically. Instruction is delivered by means of telecommunications technologies such as satellite, microwave, telephone, cable, fiber optics. The instruction supplements or comprises the entire course content and provides for two-way interactive communications between the instructor and the student during the time of the instruction. Communication or interaction occurs through the use of technologies such as voice, video or computer-mediated communications.
  1. Be regionally accredited or affiliated with a regionally accredited institution as listed in R7-2-601(G) or by a regional accrediting association as listed in R7-2-601(C).
  2. Validate that the instructor of the distance education program:

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