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18 / 33  Who was the leading theorist on the development of socialism?
A  Karl Marx
B  Heidimarie Schwermer
C  Émile Durkheim
D  Adam Smith

Questions & Answers

main purpose of sociology
Nida Reply
The study of human behaviour and societies, with particular emphasis on the industrialized world.
Jawaid Reply
we study sociology to generate knowledge about human social life as wel as to refine a body of knowledge about human social life. sociology is a behavioural science and its about human interaction and their relations in society
Ahsan Reply
why do you study sociology
Saleem Reply
Scope and subject matter of sociology
Anam Reply
what make sociology scientific?
Victor Reply
social class definition
Erin Reply
whats the most important commodity in postindustrial society
Beverly Reply
definition of sociology
Ukatu Reply
There are multiple types of sociology from simple public interactions to the study of criminology.
Nicholas Reply
I'm 13 taking sociology how many types of sociology are there?
georgia Reply
examples of sociology
Lihle Reply
What are some of the ways of managing crime?
jay Reply
what are the roles of analogy in scientific thinking
alli Reply
What is a sociological perspective?
Amirah Reply

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