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    purchasing power parity (PPP)

    the exchange rate that equalizes the prices of internationally traded goods across countries

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Questions & Answers

what is taxes
Munsif Reply
calculation of GDP and GNP
Mahmudul Reply
what cause inflation to occur?
bijay Reply
Simply when Aggregate Demand is greater tham Aggregate Supply. There are two types of inflation: Cost push Inflation Demand pull Inflation
Edwin Reply
What is the macroeconomic growth?
Toma Reply
In goods market investment=savings. AD=AS is market equilibrium condition
Preety Reply
in goods market when aggregate deman equals aggregate supply(AD=AS)...equilibrium is established..
Hari Reply
what is the formula of market euilibrium?
Sandra Reply
what is process ?
July Reply
types of account?
Lamin Reply
how to calculate nominal growth
Jarvis Reply
i have exam questions about economics is there anyone who can answer my question?
Yerkinbyek Reply
equilibrium what is?
Tejaswa Reply
What does it mean to think like an economist?
Arike Reply
non of this
Said Reply

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