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CDL Quiz - General Knowledge Part 1
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Sample Questions from the CDL Quiz - General Knowledge Part 1 Quiz

Question: What is a sign of a tire problem?


Tire pressure between 80 psi and 100 psi.

Retreaded tires on the front wheels .

Front tires have 4/32-inch tread depth.

Dual tires do not come in contact with each other.

Question: Driving a commercial vehicle when your cdl is suspended, revoked or cancelled will result in the following penalty:


Lose your CDl for three months.

Lose your CDl for one year.

Lose your CDl for six months.

Lose your CDl for two years.

Question: You must have a CDL to operate any size vehicle which requires hazardous material placards.




Question: If you use a commercial vehicle to commit a felony involving controlled substances you will lose your CDL for:



1 year.

5 years.

2 years.

Question: Radial and bias-ply tires should be used together.




Question: If you have any detectable amount of alcohol under .04 percent you will be put out of service for:


12 hours.

24 hours.

48 hours.

72 hours.

Question: You must have a CDL to operate:


Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more.

A combination vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of 26,001.

A vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver.

All answer choices.

Question: If you operate a commercial vehicle placarded for hazardous materials with an alcohol content of .04 or more you could lose your CDl for:


1 year.

2 years.

3 years.

4 years.

Question: What is an indication of wheel and rim problems?


Rims that have welding repairs.

Properly matched and intact lock rings.

Tight lug nuts.

Dirty rims.

Question: You will lose your CDL for at least one year if you:


Drive a commercial vehicle if your breath or blood alcohol level is .04 or higher.

Refuse to undergo either breath or blood alcohol testing while driving a commercial or personal vehicle.

Leave the scene of an accident.

All answer choices.

Question: What is an indication of loose lug nuts?


Oil leaking out of the hub.

Rust around the lug nuts.

Cracked lock rings.

Wheels with welding repairs.

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