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Reform, protest, and revolution

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Questions & Answers

Which of the following protests was directly related to federal policies, and thus had the biggest impact in creating a negative public perception of Hoover presidency
Steven Reply
the Bonus Army
what mistakes did Britain mak the lost them the colonies
Victor Reply
tax without representation
they did not give the colinies any representation
the american revolution
Angelica Reply
what started the American revolution
immediate cause: British tried to seize weapons stored by local militia which led to a confrontation
hi...can you state benefit of U.S constitution
Chimi Reply
bill of rights
it provided a political framework which provifed stability while at the same time permitting freedoms which allowed the American people to flourish
Among the major cause of American civil war, can I have a brief account on social cause?
Rinchen Reply
The issue of slavery between South America and North America that lead to the American Civil War
not sure what you mean by "social" causes. Do you mean things like differences between Northern ers & southerners?
what was the purpose of Operation Valkyrie?
Matthew Reply
I have no idea
that was the WWII attempt by German officers to overthrow Hitler.
which culture developed the writting system in the western hemisphere?
cierra Reply
the phoenicians
Treaty of Greenville
The Reply
By this treaty Indians gave up some land in exchange for am annuity of money & supplies. It followed Battle of Fallen Timbers, a decisive victory of US troops over Indian tribes organized into the Western Confederacy. It marks the beginning of modern state of Ohio.
Please keep in mind that it is not allowed to promote any social groups (whatsapp, facebook, etc...) or exchange phone numbers or email addresses on our platform.
QuizOver Reply
Columbus didn't discover ish. He stole America from the Natives
LovingN Reply
Who was Nat Turner? What was the cause and impact of the Nat Turner Rebellion?
which culture developed the only writing systems in the western hemisphere
rose Reply
economic causes of American civil war
Samten Reply
do you mean the major causes of American civil war
idealistic birth of industries in great britain
Rinchen Reply
how doent show that Martin king jr dies where say that on google.com
Jessica Reply
what year was America found
Adaregba Reply
i think America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492
yes samten ,it was discovered by Christopher Columbus in August 3rd 1492
but, we're was the name (America gotten from
i could't understand what are you asking about
sorry i don't have this answer

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