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English home language

Grade 8

Towns and tourism

Module 15

To communicate information

Activity 1:

To produce factual information by means of research

To communicate ideas, facts and opinions accurately

[lo 4.2, 2.2]

“HERITAGE” is a term that is bandied about quite frequently and you should be aware of its meaning and its significance. It is YOUR history that we are referring to!

1. First, look at the extract from THE CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY.

Heritage /’heritidz/ n . 1 anything that is or may be inherited. 2 inherited circumstances, benefits etc. ( a heritage of confusion ). 3 a nation’s historic buildings, monuments, countryside etc. esp. when regarded as worthy of preservation. 4 Bibl . a the ancient Israelites. b the Church. [ME f.OF (as heritable)]

2. How many definitions are given for the word heritage ? .........................

3. Write down definitions no 1 and no 3.

4. The definition mentions buildings, monuments, countryside. There are more examples.

  • Write down THREE more examples.

5. Consider your town. Consult your local library, your municipality or the tourist bureau to find out what there is in your town that can be considered part of your heritage.

6. Report to the class. Look at the check list first!

  • Have all the information I require
  • Have organized my information well
  • Have rehearsed what I am going to say
  • Have considered wall illustrations and have ordered my notes into unobtrusive notes
  • I have thought about where I shall stand and how I shall deliver the feed-back

7. Make a list of things to do to ensure our heritage will be preserved for our children’s children i.e. our grandchildren.

Activity 2:

To read for information (to do research)

To produce factual writing for various purposes

[lo 3.1, 4.2]

Tourism is a large industry today and it should be sustained and encouraged but controlled. It offers employment opportunities, entrepreneurial encouragement and of course, pride in your area as you show it off to its best advantage.

  • Let’s look at what tourists in YOUR area can expect to experience.

1. Find out what is available in your town for a tourist, e.g. places of interest to visit, things to see. (These might well include the heritage sites already mentioned.)

2. Find out the approximate position and location of your town i.e. latitude and longitude.

  • Give some idea of where exactly it is situated in South Africa. You will need to consult an atlas or a topographical map.

3. What type of services and industries can be found in your town?

4. In your group , put together a tourist map of your town on a large piece of paper.

Highlight, in an interesting way, the places of interest.(You might even be able to sell your ideas to the local tourism authority!)

5. Write a list of instructions on how to assist tourists when they visit your town. (This is for the residents of the town.)

6. Write a poem or a song to advertise your town. (You do not need to use the full space.)

7. Compile a group poster to advertise your town.

  • Consider the following:

8. Now compile a brief history of your town. You will need to look at the following:

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