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Parole refers to a temporary release from prison or jail that requires supervision and the consent of officials. Parole is different from probation, which is supervised time used as an alternative to prison. Probation and parole can both follow a period of incarceration in prison, especially if the prison sentence is shortened.


Crime is established by legal codes and upheld by the criminal justice system. In the United States, there are three branches of the justice system: police, courts, and corrections. Although crime rates increased throughout most of the twentieth century, they are now dropping.

Short answer

Recall the crime statistics presented in this section. Do they surprise you? Are these statistics represented accurately in the media? Why, or why not?

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Further research

Is the U.S. criminal justice system confusing? You’re not alone. Check out this handy flowchart from the Bureau of Justice Statistics: (External Link)

How is crime data collected in the United States? Read about the methods of data collection and take the National Crime Victimization Survey. Visit (External Link)


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Questions & Answers

What does law in a society mean
Alisha Reply
Are u a nurse
What is socialization
socialization, is the behavioural process of human to adopt or acceptable in their various societies.From Moses Ebena
Which human being bcme social being
I'm writing paper 2 bridging course final year so it also includes sociology plz help guys
difference between urban and rural areas
What is cultural inertia?
factors contributing to cultural inertia?
Culture is a way of of people life
ottways says that.... what in ur whole life that is cultue
law in a society mean rule of governing authority that allow and forbid the said acts.answer is for Alisha
what is social stratification plx give me answer
social stratification means social differentiation based on occupation, social status
what is society
yasir Reply
society means any geographical area where group of people share equal practice of living activities culture and other aspects
Or it is a group of persons,sharing self-sufficient system of action that is capable of lasting longer than the life span of any individual
sociology, deal on society,human social interaction with separate people and not only as individuals, for example school, churches and associations.
what does mean rationality according to j.habermas
oh wow im just realizing theres a chat forum 😯
Yeah hi...
what is institution.... according to sociology..?
Max weber
what is the relevance of sociology
Alqaseem Reply
how do u do?
Hi, good evening. please can someone help me emphasized more on that religion?
Nath Reply
As sociologist we endorse anything that supports the continuity of society and harmonize the society and its elements is good... We don't really worry about the authenticity of its origin... If you have studies the sociological perspectives you will know that there are different views on religion..
look what each classical theorist have said about religion...
what is a religion
Zahid Reply
ll grade sociology ga notes h k
Religion involve those things which surpasses the limit of our knowledge.
religion is believe it one God
What is Social Psychology? and why social psychology?
learn about the people and understand there need to live in society what there basic need and learning institutions
Social Psychology deals with the study of individual as part of a group or communty and how they affect each other.
behavior study of humans are there institutions are social psychology but if they are study about society that means the learn about there living structure
social psychology means it formed after combined sociology and psychology and itis new descipline.
social psychology study behavior reference society
what is sociology?
Omeneke Reply
It's a field of study which studies about human Society... (to make you more clear... the psychology studies single individual where as sociology studies group of individual who forms society)
sociology is study of socity
not only study but it study with scientific method and sociological approach
rite #rajesh sosa
hey help me defining sociological guru's ideas
what is culture
Nandala Reply
what is urbanisation
What are the weaknesses of the conflict theory
Skeazo Reply
a person who's combination of a particular culture and ethics has a great influence on his personality.
Habibu Reply
what is the main differences between social loafing and social facilitation
popuation education major areas
Rakesh Reply
plx i need a better definition of culture
culture, according to E. B. Tylor (1921), is defined as a complex whole which include knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws,customs , and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society
what is orientalists anyone define pls
hello, I have my sociology exam gcse next Monday and I am so stressed, can anyone give me an advice of how to revise better and lower the stress 😭
Adry Reply
what level are you in the university
Before i say something
while we await your response, studies proof that psychology speaks more to condition of such. It concern sociologist most if you talk about culture, values, family, groups, organizations, society etc and not more of single individual/mind. However, tell us your level.
I'm in college not uni
good evening, how did sociology people behave
chukwuka Reply
They are social thinkers.And they adapt to any situation they found themselves.Also,they study in accordance,how the society behaved.For eg,the problem of Nigeria,Boko Haram etc,which is a social problem
mean that sociology people can stop the Boko Haram issues
As a social thinker,you can proffer solutions to stop this mess in the northern east
Raymond you are truely a sociologist
am just 100level students, I find myself that I don't like talking too much to people, I always like still on my own way of life, is good for a sociology students
According to Peter Berger the people who should “stay away” from sociology are the people that can’t take a diversity of truths, people who are afraid to discover that there is something beyond what is taught to them, people that don’t have the drive to understand that society has many different...
perspectives from which it can be understood and it all depends on where you are standing. People who are used to things being the same all the time and are afraid of change..
If you feel that you fit in... Go ahead...
who is the father of Indian sociology?
The Reply
govind sadashiv
how does a sociologist do think critically
abdulaziz Reply
what does a medical sociologist is all about

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