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Minority Studies: A Brief Sociological Text is a very, very brief textbook suitable for use as a supplemental or stand-alone text in a college-level minority studies Sociology course. Any instructor who would choose to use this as a stand-alone textbook would need to supply a large amount of statistical data and other pertinent and extraneous Sociological material in order to "flesh-out" fully this course. Each module/unit of Minority Studies: A Brief Sociological Text contains the text, course objectives, a study guide, key terms and concepts, a lecture outline, assignments, and a reading list.

Suggested lecture material for part ii—race and ethnicity

  • Review Master Status.
  • Identify and discuss the history of race and race relations in the US since the 16 th century.
  • Definitions, discussion, and examples of race.
    • Socially defined.
    • A social construct.
  • Definitions, discussion, and examples of ethnicity.
  • Identify the various racial and ethnic groups in the US.
    • Alaska Native
    • American Indian
    • Asian American
    • Black or African American
    • Latino(a)/Hispanic American
    • Pacific Islander
    • White or Anglo American
      • How are these divisions determined?
      • Why do we make these divisions?
  • Discuss the various designations of racial and ethnic groups.
    • What do people want to be called?
    • How do racial/ethnic designations occur and change?
  • Definitions, discussion, and examples of dominant group and dominant group status.
    • Discuss and give examples of white privilege.
  • Definitions, discussion, and examples of minority groups and minority group status.
    • Discuss and give examples of bigotry against minority groups.
  • Use the Internet to display population data about racial and ethnic groups in the US.
    • Historical and current.
  • Immigration
    • Define immigration.
    • Define emigration.
    • Define and discuss push factors.
    • Define and discuss pull factors.
  • Assimilation.
    • Define and discuss cultural assimilation.
    • Define and discuss structural assimilation.
      • Primary
      • Secondary
  • Identify and discuss models of assimilation.
    • Standard Model.
    • Pluralistic Model.
  • Use the Internet to display statistical information concerning immigration into the US.
    • Historical data.
    • Current data.
    • Future data.
      • What is the projected population of each racial and ethnic group?
  • Use the Internet to display statistical information concerning race and ethnicity including such statistical referents as housing, health care, home ownership, business ownership, educational attainment, and labor force participation of each of the racial and ethnic groups in the US.
    • Compare and contrast the data found.
  • Use the Internet to display statistical information concerning the relationship between race and ethnicity and the criminal justice system in the United States.

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