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Grade 6


Module 11

Orthographic drawings

Assignment 1:

You must now draw an orthographic view of your completed container.

[lo 1.2]

What is an orthographic drawing?

It is a method of drawing a 3D object correctly as seen from different views. Each view is drawn as if it is a flat surface and in 2D. Usually a shape is drawn from three views, namely the front view, the side view and the overhead top view or plan.

a) Below there are some 3D figures. Next to each one of them there are three shapes. This shows what the objects will look like from the front, the side and from above. Write underneath each 2D figure whether it is the image as seen from the front, from the side or from above.

b) Let’s first practise how to make an orthographic drawing.


  • Do it on grid paper.
  • See to it that the length, width and height of the shape are indicated. (Sketch 1).
  • Start with the front view, which is always drawn, in the left-hand top corner.
  • The top view is drawn next in the left-hand bottom corner. (Extend the vertical sides of the front view.)
  • The side view (from the right) is always drawn in the right-hand top corner. (Extend the horizontal sides of the front view.)
  • Each space on the axes represents one cm. Start with the first mark.
  • Halve the remaining space diagonally across the front with a 45˚ diagonal line. Use this line to transfer the lengths from the top view to the side view.
  • Complete all three views and provide the necessary captions.
  • Now also make 2D drawings of the following 3D shapes. First indicate the views relevant to each shape.


Learning Outcomes(LOs)

LO 1


The learner will be able to apply technological processes and skills ethically and responsibly using appropriate information and communication technologies

Assessment Standards(ASs)

We know this when the learner:

1.2 finds out about existing products relevant to a problem, need or opportunity, and identifies and compares their design aspects (e.g. who it is for, what it is for, what it looks like, what it is made of, how well it works, whether it will affect the environment).

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