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There are myriad theories about how society, technology, and media will progress. Functionalism sees the contribution that technology and media provide to the stability of society, from facilitating leisure time to increasing productivity. Conflict theorists are more concerned with how technology reinforces inequalities among communities, both within and among countries. They also look at how media typically give voice to the most powerful, and how new media might offer tools to help those who are disenfranchised. Symbolic interactionists see the symbolic uses of technology as signs of everything from a sterile futuristic world to a successful professional life.

Short answer

Contrast a functionalist viewpoint of digital surveillance with a conflict perspective viewpoint.

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In what ways has the Internet affected how you view reality? Explain using a symbolic interactionist perspective.

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Describe how a cyberfeminist might address the fact that powerful female politicians are often demonized in traditional media.

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The issue of airplane-pilot exhaustion is an issue of growing media concern. Select a theoretical perspective, and describe how it would explain this.

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Would you characterize yourself as a technophile or a Luddite? Explain, and use examples.

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Further research

To learn more about cyberfeminism, check out the interdisciplinary artist collective, subRosa: (External Link)

To explore the implications of panoptic surveillance, review some surveillance studies at the free, open source Surveillance and Society site: (External Link)

Read an example of socialist media from Jacobin magazine here: (External Link)


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Questions & Answers

Please suggest me topics for thesis?
anybody knows Spanish🙁
Nolissa Reply
little words Google translater helps lol
this is not a language forum
define stereotype with an example?
Bernard Reply
it's a mistaken idea or belief that several people have about something.
what kind of idea? please be more specific
stereotypes can be seen by an over-generalized belief about a particular group of people i.e when we make quick decisions, they may be erroneous when applied to particular individuals. It can also encourage prejudice & may arise for a number of reasons.
the generalization of group of streotype because of the certain beliefs of other groups?
Identifing someone or something based on race, ethnicity, gender, etc (generally physically) therefore (for example) if there is a Muslim kid wearing traditional clothing, you cannot identify that person as a terrorist based on their appearance. You cannot judge a book by its cover basically...
if i say stereotypes based on race lead to racism, gender lead to sexism/ masculinity/feminism, and ageism like young and adults is that correct?
What is Cultural Revivalism ?
It refers to the formation of a group identity which is around a common culture. Which is recovered after losses that are due to colonization, forced or voluntary relocation, oppression, or modernization
how is emergency of sociology linked with modernization of Europe ?
aditya Reply
hello everyone am francis
Francis Reply
what is value in sociology
aditya Reply
Its give us to know about every field of human interaction
it's the Importantance and lasting beliefs or ideals which are shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad & desirable or undesirable. Values are deemed a major influence on which a person's behavior & attitude can serve as a broad guidelines in all situations.
what is meant by folkways
folkways are customs or conventions in everyday life, from different types of social norm & expectations for how we act. Sociology, folkways can generally be discussed in contrast to mores because they are both types of social norms & can vary from traditional behaviour or way of life.
folkways is a type of deviant that has no too strong sanctions applied when an act is committed by a person in a society.
what are the examples of folkways
what is meant by inter generational and intra generational mobility
examples of folkways are to coercive force by shaping our values, beliefs, behavior, and interactions. Religions also have prohibitions on cohabitating with a romantic partner before marriage.
intergenerational mobility can refer to any changes in which family's social position between generations & contrast to intragenerational  mobility, of which is a person's social movement within his/hers lifetime.
what is social status ?
Sarah Reply
individuals possession
possession of wealth and degree ?
human view...that is whatever u r belong too
ok thnx
Your social status in your social environment.
social status is an individual materialistic wealth
Race, birth, Caste these social status...
Your social status is where you appear on the socialogical map and can effect everything from the schools you can go to or the way you are treated?
we all have a sense of system in which society, social classentails determination a person's social class, which is based on socioeconomic variables that is mainly income, wealth and education
what is social justice
social justice is in terms a distribution of wealth, opportunities & privileges that is within a society of individuality. Which gives way to the struggle to social justice.
what is social mobility
In my opinion, it's like your ability to move up or down the social ladder in society depending on the way you handle your finances or assets
what is value in sociology?
Also, social mobility is attained or ascribed.
what is culture
Mohammad Reply
is the total way of life
manners and art that are favored by social group
Man made part of environment is called culture
defferentiat b/w sociology and anthropology.
what is the meaning of culture
Nithin Reply
culture in it's simplest term means the people way of life
Culture is thd way of life people of a given society live on.
culture differs from society to society. when u hear or see a particular culture of a group of people. it will b easy for u to know th particular society dat has the culture. hope I tried. correction is allowed.
man made enviorment is called culture
man made enviorment is called culture
defferentiat b/w culture and society
hello what is the different between crime and offence
Floxy Reply
crime refers to the actions of committing the mistakes but offense refers to the words of committing the mistakes
subject matter and nature of sociology ..can u plz help m
social interaction and intergration
Gender issues example
Je Reply
what is the relationship between sociology and psychology...similarities and differences
I'm unsure but I'm going to guess that one's studies the social interactions and environments and Psychology studies the brain and why one does react certain ways to certain things in society/ the environment and so on. It's much deeper than that but that's the surface of it I believe.
Yes Whitney, my understanding is the same. Further to your explanation, Sociologists examine problems and causes, then identify solutions. For example Durkhime (1879), his study on suicide.
The similarities are that they both study social behaviour. They just do it from a different point of view.
Sociology deals with the external behavior( attitude, style) while psychology with the Internal (brain)
It's better start the dispute between these two departments.. Anyone interested
Sociology studies the structure and function of society and what factors disturbs the social setup means a social problem while Psychology is the study of mental processes.
Relationship is that both provides explanation and remedies to the problems arise in social setup. Individuals affect society while society affect individual. Somtimes both approaches to same problem debffirently.
Psychology deals mainly with the brain buh has social values embedded under itself... sociology cannot simply move on without psychology
Sociology is an independent discipline which have its own way of approaching towards social issues it has its founding father since 14th century Ibn e Khaldun. It is the mother of social sciences.
Discuss conflict perspective and give 8 references
critically analyze the role of education as an instrument of social change in Zambia
Mirriam Reply
discuss the culture pertained to rural society is both dynamic and continuously changing
Saurabh Reply
sociologhesis in order to do wat
Sherie Reply
socologist theories are used to do wat
Hello everyone, Here Suraj kumar singh , MSW from Patna university. please explain someone about social values and social norms.
SOCIAL ACTION Behaviour that is meaningful to the actor and/or to the observer
please anyone to help me how social inequity influence social relations and population relations- just give points, Thanks
people are ignored hence look down upon themselves there is rise in population because people are not allowed to be educated on how to plan their family effectively

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