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Why does environmental racism exist? The reason is simple. Those with resources can raise awareness, money, and public attention to ensure that their communities are unsullied. This has led to an inequitable distribution of environmental burdens. Another method of keeping this inequity alive is NIMBY protests. Chemical plants, airports, landfills, and other municipal or corporate projects are often the subject of NIMBY demonstrations. And equally often, the NIMBYists win, and the objectionable project is moved closer to those who have fewer resources to fight it.


The area of environmental sociology is growing as extreme weather patterns and concerns over climate change increase. Human activity leads to pollution of soil, water, and air, compromising the health of the entire food chain. While everyone is at risk, poor and disadvantaged neighborhoods and nations bear a greater burden of the planet’s pollution, a dynamic known as environmental racism.

Short answer

After reading this section, will you change the way you treat your household waste? Explain.

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How do you think the issue of e-waste should be dealt with? Should the responsibility fall to the companies that make the products or the consumer who buys them? Would your buying habits be different if you had to pay to recycle old electronics?

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Can you think of a modern example of the tragedy of the commons, where public use without accountability has created a negative outcome?

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NIMBY protests occur when concerned citizens band together to speak up against something that will impact them negatively. Is this a positive or negative trend? Give an example of a NIMBY protest and whether you support it or not.

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Further research

Visit the Cleanups in My Community web site: (External Link) to see where environmental hazards have been identified in your backyard, and what is being done about them.

What is your carbon footprint? Find out using the carbon footprint calculator at (External Link)

Find out more about greening the electronics process by looking at Greenpeace’s guide: (External Link)


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Social research is an important source of knowledge. It provides updated, proved, authentic and very useful information to the end users.
Structural Changes. Social research is responsible for bringing structural changes in a social life.
Social Prediction. Social research helps in making laws and the relation between social laws and their factors.
we apply social research to a society for bringing social order and control.
New Techniques. Social Research introduces new techniques and improves the old ones.
how positivism is used in social science
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Positivists believe that sociology can and should use the same methods and approaches to study the social world that “natural” sciences such as biology and physics use to investigate the physical world.
positivists use quantitative methods such as official statistics, structured questionnaires and social surveys. Statistical, numerical data is crucial to Positivist research. Positivists need to collect statistical information in order to make comparisons. And in order to uncover general social tren
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