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Further research

To learn more about population concerns, from the new-era ZPG advocates to the United Nations reports, check out these links: (External Link) and (External Link)


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Questions & Answers

What is the main difference between census and survey?
Mustafa Reply
explain major contributions of Charles Wright Mills and Augusto Comte to the discipline of sociology
lugumba Reply
importance of sociology in logic if some one knows about plz help
what are importance of studying sociology
Neema Reply
1 sociology detects and Solve Social Problems 2Sociology Helps in Planning and Development 3. Sociology makes a scientific study of Sociology 4 studies role of the institutions in the development of the individuals. 5 Helps in Preservation and Growth of Culture
6.sociology has made broaden the outlook of man. 7 Sociology is of great importance in the solution of international problems. 
eplayn philosopher of sociology
Mujahid Reply
explain philosopher of sociology
what is the difference between asocialist group on all definitions?
Koko Reply
what is the value of sociology
Banao Reply
What are the patterns of social interaction with regard to gender, religion and education
Norman Reply
define functionalist perspective
what is cultural
nusrat Reply
culture is the way of life of a particular group of people
culture is the backbone of society.
culture consists of the beliefs' behaviour' objects' and other characteristics common to the members of particular group of society.
culture is our way of life, customs ,traditions ,norms nd behavoiur
can anyone explain what is socialogy as science in detail ?
Sydish Reply
sociology is a science because it adoptes and applies the scientific method . sociology does make a scientific method in the study of its subject matter.hence sociology is a science
because its study the systematically about society
in secince we use tools such as thermometers telescopes microscope verniercliper etc similarly in sociology we tools interview questionare servey case study sampling etc so sociology is a science.
scientific study of society is called sociology it involves scientific method, observation, hypothesis, experiments, and conclusions , this study produces theories and facts about society , that's why it is science
explayn philosopher of socilogy
is caste system dangerous in politics? how
Zahid Reply
In present days the main caused for winning the election,after that they influence in any field
by those activities a father will become enemy to his son hence we should control it
is it possible that marriage some places is being done between man's
Zahid Reply
No it is not possible.
yeah itz hpns
but in western some places it is possible as I considered a book there shows
dear friends how then there born babies plz help me
mee toooo
dear friends I just know that there doesn't born babies
they dont bother about thier offsprings nd it hpns in very rare cases in western societies
ya right
what is mean by ID
Bk Reply
what is counter culture
what are the importance of social science on health care
Philemon Reply
the social sciences can contribute to preventing and treating illness by pinpointing the env.settings nd social relationships
child poverty in social influences
Hash Reply
Often associated to food insecurity, children living below the poverty line are at an increased risk for becoming both malnourished and overweight. This can highly affect a child’s confidence. Moreover, evidence suggests that many of the effects of poverty on children are often added to by their fam
India is battling poverty for nearly 60 years now. And, with the help of new policies that strive to empower and spread awareness about the fundamental rights of children, along with participation and activities initiated by CRY – Child Rights and You, the children of India are sure to see a better
Does sociology have to deal with only interaction and society
Glory Reply
no it touches every aspect of social system...
hmm. :-)
it deals with society also but as whole....
tells about drawbacks and government plans..and makes us focus on what can be done for improvement. like for. eg. in agricultural practices what farmers need to do for better crops.
yeh absolutely
according to Emile Durkheim sociology is study of social institutions also.....
and financial institutions also like commercial banks
hmm also study about market as a social institution....
world topics like globalisation modernization and different movements. government plans.
socilogy also study process such as..... sanskritisatoion ,westernization and modernization also
how we will define status and role?
what are the effects of sociology to education

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