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So, /sew your husband’s shirts,/ trousers,/ vests,/ underwear,/ pyjamas and handkerchiefs /with the Blidget Gadget . /You will be amazed at the result. /And you will save yourself / thousands of rand.

OR/ you can start your own business /and make items to sell.

And this all costs: / Not R300, /n ot R200, /but only R140./

So,/ to remind you of this astounding offer:/ This is what you get:/ The Blidget Gadget cuts,/ stitches,/ folds,/ gathers,/ irons and labels. /

It is easy /

There is no pressure on your hand./It is attractive./ It is easy to assemble./It will impress your friends /and business associates./With it come an instruction booklet,/ a lace apron ,/ needles, /cotton reels ,/ flat box for storing,/ wall-hanging for scissors /and other items./It is easy to order ./

Just phone 011 - 123456 now /(what could be easier?) /or visit /The Gadget Shop /in your town./

You can be the best dresser in town /or be the owner of a successful business. /For only R140.”

Did you remember that:

  • you need to prepare your reading before you start?
  • you need to work out where to pause and where to pause longer?
  • you need to stress certain syllables to introduce tone variation.?

Activity 3:

Planning symbols / icons

[lo 5.2.2]

WHAT do the icons below represent?

The Blidget Gadget =







Activity 4:


[lo 6.8]

NOW, decide which of the following persuasive techniques have been used?

Quote an example (correctly) to support your answer!

1. Repetition is used.

2. A personal approach is used.

3. Rewards for buying this product are offered.

4. An idea is introduced that IF you do not buy this item, you are useless and certainly will not be a good sewer.

5. What makes it sound like a marvellous machine that will be VERY useful?

6. What makes it sound VERY cheap?

7. What makes it sound as if it works very fast?

8. That you will be a social success is promised.

9. You will save money, is assured!

10. Using this will make you a businesswoman is indicated.

Activity 5:

Interpreting a message

[lo 4.3]

Write down YOUR thoughts about the value of this product and the impact of this type of advertisement:

Activity 6:

Punctuation marks

[lo 6.8]

Read the following extract and then answer the questions that follow:

When the day arrived, Marcus was ready! He had all his toys waiting for willing customers. Soon, word spread that well-made toys were for sale at a reasonable price and Marcus soon sold all his products very quickly - there was even a demand for more . . .

He went home a very satisfied young man, proud in the knowledge that he was now a proper merchant (whereas before he had been a proper ‘mechant’! – a French word meaning ‘naughty’). He knew that he would be able to survive in a competitive world.

Name the punctuation marks that were used in the above passage and question.

: _____________

! _____________

. _________

, ___________

- ______________

. . . _____________

( ) ________________

“ ” _______________

  • Why does ‘Marcus’ have a capital letter?
  • Why is naughty in inverted commas?

Activity 7:

Identifying phrases and clauses

[lo 6.8]

Decide whether the following are phrases or clauses. Just tick the answer:

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