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Arts and culture

Grade 8

Creating, interpretation and presentation

Module 15


In Modules 1,2, and 3 we looked at the symbolism of colours, stereotyping and prejudice, the abuse of human rights and aspects like composition, style and design . In Module 4 we take a close look at popular culture and the use of it as inspiration for the design and creation of artefacts. These artefacts form part of the Drama activity and the second Music activity, where the emphasis also falls on popular culture.

Activity 1:

[lo 1.5]

The word popular is derived from the Latin word 'popularis' which means 'belonging to the people'. During the 20th century ‘popular’ music and art were shortened to ‘pop’ music and ‘pop’ art.

Popular culture is that which surrounds us every day - clothes, films, music or cars - all form part of popular culture. It does not matter where you go or what you do, you are surrounded by that which is popular: brand names of clothes, titles of films, and advertisements showing your favourite TV programme or food. Popular culture also represents the latest styles and trends which teenagers like. As popular culture and mass production go hand in hand, the mass media and the general buying public determine what is popular. This is why popular culture changes with the times.

The media , like television, radio and magazines, swamp the public with advertisements for new products and make us think that a certain product should be bought . Teenagers are usually the first to buy the latest CD releases, while influentia l and famous people create the fashion trends and enslave us with their television programmes or films of popular songs. In this way most of us have a favourite music or sports star, model or actor. Big companies place certain people in the public eye with money that has been provided by the public themselves! All the above-mentioned together create popular culture .


  • Complete the following table on your own.




  • Public figures or celebrities can influence the youth positively or negatively. Make a list of negative and positive influences in your journals. Use these for a class discussion.

Activity 2:

To identify antique and modern artefacts and their uses/functions

[lo 1.12]

Artefacts are objects made by humans, like weapons, jewellery, tools, clothing, masks, holders for food and water, etc. In archaeology, artefacts provide important leads or clues to the unravelling of human evolution, ecological conditions, and pre-historic civilizations. Some of the oldest artefacts are rough stone implements which date back three million years.

Artefacts are thus man-made objects which were made in the past, but which have been preserved to the present and can be seen as representative of certain cultures. Up to 50 000 years ago, this form of art was used during rituals and ceremonies where, e.g. the spirits were asked for a successful hunting trip. What we regard as antique artefacts today, were actually articles used every day for survival in those cultures, and were definitely not seen as antique or as a form of art.

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