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Grade 5

Graphic communication

Module 9


Assignment 1:


[lo 1.10]

PLANNING: Before we make the game, we have to do some thorough PLANNING.

a. Which materials am I going to use to make the board game?

b. Which actions will I be executing (e.g. cutting, pasting, etc.)?

c. Which tools will I use to make the game?

d. Here are some guidelines for the basic steps that have to be taken. Determine how much time you will need for each step if you have two hours available.

Steps Time
1. Cut out cardboard of 30 cm by 30 cm.
2. Cover cardboard with gift wrap.
3. Draw design to scale on white paper.
4. Colour / decorate board with pencils / pens / Koki pens.
5. Cut out square of ± 25 cm by 25 cm.
6. Paste square onto cardboard.
7. Add name of game on the outside.
8. Compile pamphlet containing rules.
9. Cover toothpaste box with gift wrap that is glued onto it.
10. Place rules and accessories in toothpaste box.
2 h

e Before you make your final game, it is important for you to test it to make sure that it works. Draw a PROTOTYPE (example) roughly in your class workbook and play the game with a friend. This is the time to make the necessary changes. Write the change(s) here:

Assignment 2:

Now make the board of your board game

[lo 1.9]

The following factors must be taken into account:

  • Do you work thoroughly and according to a plan without being too hasty?
  • Do you affix the various parts carefully so that they will not come apart later?
  • Do you measure accurately according to the requirements?
  • Do you work in a logical order ?
  • Do you erase the pencil lines once you have drawn the final lines with a pen or Koki?
  • Do you colour in evenly ?
  • Do you use the available materials sparingly ?
  • Are the cardboard surfaces on which you have to paste paper smooth and flat ?
  • Do I see to it that my work area is tidy ?
  • Is my work area well organised so that I can work as effectively as possible?

Assignment 3:

Draw to scale

[lo 1.12]

Now you have to learn how to enlarge the plan of your game to scale .


  • Return to your final design under number 3.
  • With a pencil and ruler divide this square into 25 small squares of 1 cm by 1 cm.
  • Carefully draw a large square of 25 cm by 25 cm on the large sheet of white paper. Draw the frame with a permanent marking pen so that it is dark.
  • With your pencil and ruler divide this square into 25 small squares of 5 cm by 5 cm.
  • You are now ready to transfer your design onto the big white page in pencil. Draw the content of each little square in your small design in the corresponding squares on the large white sheet. It will, of course, be larger than on the initial sheet.

  • Which electronic device is capable of enlarging your design? What is the advantage of using such a machine?
  • If you are satisfied with your design you may draw the most important lines with a permanent marker so that they are dark.
  • Now you may complete the colouring in or decorating of your product.

Assignment 4:

[lo 1.8]

Three important requirements for the pamphlet containing the rules , are that the content must be neat, legible and without any spelling mistakes . With the teacher’s permission you may type the pamphlet at home on a computer, and print it, or otherwise write it out neatly in print.

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