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Company profiles template for INNOVATE 2005 conference.

Profile of (company name)

Write a brief paragraph here that briefly describes the company, its history, the sector in which itoperates, the products it makes, etc…Good sources of information to use are the company website, WetFeet , Businessweek , and other financial web sites.

Company details


  • List the headquarters;
  • And any major branch offices;

Financial facts

  • Most recent revenues;
  • Most recent profits;
  • Historical growth in revenues and profits (most recent 3-5 years);
  • How does the company compare to others in its sector?


  • How many employees does the company have?


Please research and discuss the following:


How does the company compare to its main competitors? Consider both domestic and local markets.

Overcoming obstacles

What obstacles does the company face in its sector, and does the company have any innovative approaches toovercoming them.


Research and describe a time in which the company faced a major crisis that threatened its business. How didthe company address and overcome this situation?

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