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Arts and culture

Grade 9

Critical and creative reflection

Module 13

Two films from two different genres


In this unit we are going to look at two films from two different genres.

Your educator will show you the videos of these films. The eras in which these films were made will be created and you will be told more about the film industry.

Activity 1:

To analyse the positive and negative effects of films on our lives: films of the 60’s and 70’s

[lo 2.8]

Look at the following film genres and try to find a film depicting each genre.

Horror film
Science fiction

Exercise 1: Films of the 60’s

The Essay

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  • Watch the video
  • Write an essay that includes the following:





art direction

C lass D iscussion

Discuss the following in class after the film has been viewed and the essays have been written:

  • What was the focus of the film?
  • What other choices could the characters in the film have made?
  • Why do you think the film was made?
  • What does this film tell us about the producer’s, director’s and writer’s views of the world?
  • What did the film mean to you?
  • How does the film reflect the time in which it was made?

Complete the questionnaire after the class discussion has taken place:

1. Did you enjoy watching the film? Why?

2. What genre is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ?

3. Could you identify with the characters? Why? Why not?

4. How important do you think the soundtrack of the film is?

5. What character in the film would you like to portray? Why?

6. How was contrast used by: The director? The lighting designer? The sound technician? The actors?

7. Did this film have a negative or positive effect on your life? Explain?

8. Would you change the way the director ended the film? Why? How?

Exercise 2: Films of the 70’s

The Essay

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1978 )

  • Watch the video of the first Star Wars film.
  • Write an essay after you have viewed the film, exploring the following:

Science fiction

Special effects

The plot

The characters

The moral

The art direction

Complete the questionnaire after the film has been viewed and the essay has been written .

1. Did you enjoy the film? Why? Why not?

2. Did the film have a message? If so, do you think the message came across successfully? Why? Why not?

3. Which character did you like the most? Why?

4. When is the climax and what is it?

5. How do you think the film depicts the 70’s era?

6. Did the film have a positive or negative effect on your life? How? Why?

Compare the two films you have seen with each other according to the following:

Butch and Sundance Star Wars
Special effects:

C lass D iscussion

Discuss the following:

  • How does science fiction relate to the current situation in South Africa?
  • What is the effect, positive and negative, of science fiction on our lives?

Activity 2:

To write a review referring to conventions of staging and elements of drama

[lo 2.9]

You have seen the films, you have explored the different aspects of each film, you have written the essays. Now you have to write a review referring to the conventions of stagecraft and the elements of drama production. For the purpose of this exercise you can write your review on either Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Star Wars .

Hints on writing a review:

  • Place the production in its context.
  • Make sure there is a brief summary of the plot.
  • Describe clearly your personal feelings about the production.
  • Comment on the use of dramatic elements: staging, special effects, music, sound, lighting, costumes, art direction, make-up, technical aspects, editing, etc.
  • Comment on the acting (characterization, realism, technique, etc.).
  • Comment on the directing.
  • Comment on the production in its genre.
  • Comment on the script.
  • Always give reasons and justify your comments.


Learning Outcome(LOs)
LO 2
REFLECTIONThe learner will be able to reflect critically and creatively on artistic and cultural processes, product and styles in past and present contexts.
Assessment Standards(ASe)
We know this when the learner:
2.3 analyses how cultures affect one another and undergo change;
2.4 discusses the role of technology over time in shaping processes and products in drama, dance, music and art;
2.5 discusses and interprets concepts of power, control and dominance in mass media and popular culture;
2.7 reflects on and compares how social dances reflect their time;
2.8 analyses the positive and negative effects of television, radio, documentaries or films on our lives;
2.9 writes a review of a local or other drama production, referring to conventions of staging and elements of drama;

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