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Grade 8

Food processing

Module 11

Different types of food for humans


To be able to discuss the value of different types of food for humans.

  • Food performs three functions in our bodies, namely:

a) it serves as building blocks

b) it provides energy

c) it provides protection

  • It is important for us to eat correctly. Alcohol and sugar, e.g. sweets, cakes, jam and cold drink are not beneficial to the body.
  • The table on the next page indicates the food groups, nutrients and number of portions required daily to ensure a healthy diet.

1. Collect pictures of the five food groups and paste them in a folder. Then write down the main nutrient and the function of that nutrient in each group.

  • Food Group
  • Examples
  • Main Nutrient
  • Function of Main Nutrient

2. Now formulate six dietary objectives for yourself, with reference to the information.

LO 1.2 LO 1.3



A unique opportunity has arisen for all small businesses interested in erecting a stall at the coming World Fast Food Fair. Every stall will be expected to produce tasty fast food representing a specific country. Your educator will divide you into groups and give you the opportunity to draw the name of a specific country to represent.


Each stallholder will be expected to produce the fast-food meal in front of a panel of judges. The panel will look at the following points:

  • The fast food meal and stall must represent the chosen country.
  • The food must have a high nutritional value.
  • The food must be produced by means of a production line system (as in bulk).
  • The food must be packaged attractively.
  • Health and safety rules must be observed.
  • Preparation time may not be more than eight minutes.

1. Work in groups of two or three and make preparations to form a company, think up a name and design a logo for the company.

2. Compare the staple food and fast foods of two countries/cultures.

LO 3.1

3. Research

Now do in-depth research on the food of your specific country, on fast foods in general and on health and safety in fast-food outlets.

LO 1.1 LO 1.4

4. Ideas

Use the information you collected during your research and generate three ideas for your fast food meal. Bear the following in mind:

  • The availability of ingredients
  • Presentation - packaging of the end-product
  • Production process
  • Preparation time
  • Each idea must contain the name, a drawing and a description of the fast food.
  • Now choose a final idea and make an attractive colour drawing of your product.
LO 1.7 LO 2.2

5. Planning

Do the following planning (first in rough) and write only your final effort:

  • List of utensils
  • Shopping list
  • Costing of ingredients
  • Selling price of product

6. Fast food production system

You are going to produce your fast food meals by means of a production line. The production line must be planned in such a way that all members of the group participate actively, make maximum use of time and are organised so that every step of the production line is effective.

In a production line all steps are equally important. The production line must be well planned so that the entire process runs smoothly and is effective.

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