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The SBE’s revised code for leadership programs required applicants to submit portfolios that included a statement of purpose for entry into a leadership program, professional references, Graduate Record Examination scores, and a recent classroom performance appraisal as part of the admissions process. The Leadership Advisory Council reviewed each applicant’s portfolio as a prelude to a structured interview.

Two trends quickly emerged: (a) the number of program applications decreased sharply, and (b) the cognitive qualifications of the applicant pool improved significantly. Seventy six percent of applicants to cohorts one through six were admitted. The interview panels felt that those who were denied admission needed more experience as teachers or had only marginal knowledge about school leadership and a principal’s responsibilities.

The MOA also called for applicants to take instructional leadership courses in cohort groups, a decision that permitted program faculty to phase the existing program in educational administration out while beginning a new one in instructional leadership. Students enrolled in the soon-to-be obsolete program were contacted by letter and e-mail and given a reasonable amount of time to complete its requirements.

Admitting students in cohort groups offered other benefits, too. First, local superintendents were entitled to know how many of their district’s teachers enrolled so they could allocate funds to pay each resident’s substitute teacher for a one-semester residency. Second, cohort groups were admitted twice each year and took campus-based courses for five terms in a prescribed sequence so they would reach the residency requirement in a fall or spring semester rather than during the summer.

Thirty-eight of forty nine applicants admitted to the redesigned program in the first six cohorts had already earned a Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree in elementary, secondary, or special education. They sought only certification in instructional leadership. The remaining 11 wanted a M.Ed. Degree, which meant that in addition to core courses in leadership, they would register for nine additional credits of educational psychology, research methodology, and educational foundations to satisfy college requirements for that degree. Inter-departmental coordination ensured that courses needed for degree-seeking students were available at appropriate times.

Mentor training

Mentoring has its origin in Greek mythology, and the idea that the best people in an organization should train neophytes makes sense. Superintendents of the three districts represented in the first cohort wanted their prospective administrators to practice leadership in both elementary and secondary settings. They chose mentors with demonstrable abilities to improve student achievement and for their emotional intelligence. Regrettably, funds were not available to reward mentors for this added responsibility. Mentors were oriented to the redesigned program during the summer and six weeks before the first cohort began its residency. They were asked to identify activities at their schools to give residents opportunities to practice leadership.

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