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Fragmented “… a great fragmented light.”

LO 6.1.3

From the list below, highlight the words that best describe the mantis in this story.

Proud*creative*dreamer*short-tempered*lazy*pessimistic* determined*patient

The mantis could not catch the moon by jumping at it, so he thought of a couple of other plans. Make a sketch of each as labelled below.

  • Noose
  • Stake
  • Djani

Explain what happened at the waterhole when the mantis could not pry the moon out of the water.

“But the children of the mantis live there still, brown and green as the leaves that change with the seasons. And they sit, their forelegs held up in praise of the moon …”

Why do they do that?


LO 2


The learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.

We know this when the learner:

2.2 communicates ideas, facts and opinions clearly and with some accuracy and coherence, using a limited range of factual oral text types (e.g. discussions, short arguments);

2.4 demonstrates basic interaction skills by participating actively in group discussions, conversations, interviews and debates.

2.4.2 takes on different roles;

2.4.3 acknowledges other opinions;

2.4.6 bridges gaps by asking questions, giving choices, keeping responses open-ended and showing genuine interest.

LO 4


The learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.

We know this when the learner:

4.1 writes a selected range of imaginative texts:

4.1.1 to express imagination, ideas and feelings about self and others;

4.1.2 to explore the creative and playful use of language by means of narrative and descriptive compositions, diaries, friendly letters, dialogues, poems, cartoons, limericks and songs;

4.3 demonstrates basic skills in selected features of writing appropriate to the text type (e.g. uses straightforward language in simple descriptions).

LO 5


The learner will be able to use language to think and reason, as well as to access, process and use information for learning.

We know this when the learner:

5.1 uses language to think and reason:

5.1.3 weighs options by deciding which of two alternatives is the better choice;

5.2 uses language to investigate and explore:

5.2.3 listens to, reads and views texts from a variety of sources to collect and select ideas.

5.2.5 works on integrated projects across Learning Areas and produces a synthesised product.

5.4 thinks creatively:

LO 6


The learner will know and be able to use the sounds, words and grammar of the language to create and interpret texts.

We know this when the learner:

6.1 works with words:

6.1.3 uses the dictionary and thesaurus o increase vocabulary and improve spelling;

6.2 works with sentences:

6.2.1 identifies and uses nouns, verbs, modals, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and articles.

6.4 develops awareness and use of style:

6.4.3 uses idioms and idiomatic expressions of the language appropriately.



Two astronauts from Earth landed on a strange planet. The weird creatures who lived there came out to meet them. The spacewomen were a bit frightened .

But the creatures were very friendly . They took the women to their home . They gave them some food. The women laughed when they saw the creatures eating. They used two knives and two forks at once! They ate two different kinds of food at the same time. The space-women had brought some gifts from Earth. When they gave them to the creatures they were puzzled. The explorers had brought some gloves and some pullovers. The gloves were no use because the creatures only had four fingers on each hand. The pullovers were useless because all the creatures had four arms.

One of the creatures went back to Earth with the spacewomen. The creature took part in the Olympic Games. The crowd was amazed when they saw the creature throw a javelin, a shot, a hammer and discuss all at the same time! The creature won four gold medals.

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