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More geometry, data handling and probability

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(a) 8

(b) 7,5 (7 and a half)

(c) 7,3

12.5 Internet

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Activity: methods to gather information [lo 5.1, lo 5.2, lo 5.3, lo 5.6, lo 5.9]


12.1 Yes / No Answers

a) Interview any member of your family and tick the applicable block:

Yes No
Do you readily eat cabbage?
Do you like sport?
Do you watch TV longer than 2 hours per day?
Do you take any medication?
Do you suffer from asthma?
Do you like pizza?
Do you own a car?
Do you have brothers and/or sisters?
Are you the oldest child?
Do you work full-time?
Do you have high blood-pressure?
Do you think the petrol price will increase?
Do you think the interest rate will be increased this year?

b) Where, do you think, are questionnaires like this one regularly used?



12.2 Variety of answers

12.2.1 Now interview another family member and write down his/her answers:

a) What is your occupation? _________________________________________

b) How many children do you have? ___________________________________

c) What is your favourite TV program? ________________________________

d) What book have you read recently? _________________________________

e) What kind of car do you drive? ____________________________________

f) What kind of music do you like to listen to? __________________________

g) What is the greatest crisis in our country, do you think? _________________


h) What, according to you, must our government give immediate attention to? _______________________________________________________________


i) Why is the Rand so unsteady? ______________________________________


j) Why do food prices keep on rising? _________________________________


12.2.2 Divide into groups of three and compare your answers.

12.2.3 Where would questionnaires that have a variety of possible answers, normally be used?



12.3 Given information

  • Sometimes you get the answers you are looking for from given information.

a) Cut out an advertisement form the newspaper that advertises the most expensive house. Stick it in the block below.

b) Consult your advertisement and complete the following:

i) Price of the house: _______________________________________________

ii) Suburb/Town/City: ______________________________________________

iii) Number of bedrooms: ____________________________________________

iv) Number of bathrooms: ____________________________________________

v) Number of garages: ______________________________________________

vi) Other rooms mentioned:

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