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Animal Books: Old Yeller / The Red Pony / The Incredible Journey / Ring of Bright Water / Black Beauty / Moby Dick

Animals’ Genius: camouflage / migration / habitats / survival games /mimicry

Animals’ characters: Winnie-the-Pooh / “big bad wolf” in fairy tales /

17.1finding information: visit the library!

Ask the librarian to teach you how to use the catalogue.

A catalogue : It is an alphabetical list which helps you find your information easily. Catalogues are arranged according to subjects , authors or titles of books .

An index: It is a list which appears at the beginning or end of a book. It gives specific details of the content of the book. Look up the subject (topic) in the index. The index gives the number of the page (or pages) where the information is printed.

17.2writing your 3-minute talk:

The keywords to success as a speaker are “ prepare” and “ practise”!

Plan your presentation. Write your speech on small cards.

Write a striking introduction to attract the attention of the audience.

Arrange facts logically. Be sure to link ideas smoothly. Show the rough work.

Conclude strongly. Summarize the heart of your topic in a single statement, quotation, question or appeal.

17.3how to present a group oral project: this can be done in many exciting ways:

  • a 50/50 panel on TV
  • a court case of animals vs man
  • a formal set of lecturettes
  • a team of scientists
  • a meeting of animals in the jungle
  • a literary group making use of poems, music and picture


LO 2
SpeakingThe learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations.
We know this when the learner:
2.2 interacts in additional language:2.2.2 takes part in role-plays of different situations involving different kinds of language (e.g. reporting a crime to the police);
2.4 debates social and ethical issues:2.4.4 expresses opinions and supports them with reasons (e.g. I’d just like to say that….because…..).
LO 4
WritingThe learner will be able to write different kinds of factual and imaginative texts for a wide range of purposes.
We know this when the learner:
4.5 designs media texts: 4.5.1 designs a simple advertisement or pamphlet;
LO 5
Thinking and ReasoningThe learner will be able to use language to think and reason, as well as to access, process and use information for learning.
We know this when the learner:
5.2 uses language for thinking: 5.2.1 asks and answers more complex questions (e.g. ‘When this is changed, then what else would change?’);
5.2.3 uses language for thinking: understands and uses evidence to support a theory or argument (e.g. a photograph, objects from the past, an interview with a witness);
5.3 collects and records information in different ways:5.3.1 selects relevant material and takes notes (organises points under headings; abbreviates words).



The learners must imagine they are a voluntary worker at the SPCA during week-ends. They have been asked to make a poster appealing to people to consider household pets during the festive seasons. They are asked to focus on:

the effect of fireworks on domestic pets OR

the plight of animals that are abandoned by irresponsible owners.

When you have evaluated the posters, the class will choose some of the best and take them to the local SPCA / AWS branch. Ask them to put them on public display.

Go over the CHECKLIST to evaluate the poster . . . MAKE SURE THEY PLAN!


Read the introduction to the class: Then they read silently to themselves.

Make sure they answer the questions carefully and that they carry out the specific instructions. The answers are provided for you.

1. In your own words, explain why Jack called the zoo vet? Must use their own words and a full sentence .

2. What does a vet do for a living? (2) He cares for and operates on animals .

3. How are Ellie and a giant cat similar? (Par. 2) When she was pleased, she purred .

4. Ellie was fond of snacks. Write down THREE snacks which the vet gave her. (3) Biscuits, chewing gum; iced, currant bun .

5. What is the essential function of an elephant’s trunk? (2) The trunk takes food and water to the elephant’s mouth

6. Why was the vet worried about cutting into Ellie’s trunk? He could damage her nerves .

7. Choose the correct definition for each of the words below. Write down the number, the word and the answer you have chosen.

exhaled : (breathed in / breathed out / tried to eat) (1)

flexible : (long and thin / able to bend / modern) (1)

scalpel : ( small sharp surgeon’s knife / syringe / surgical scissors) (1)

caution : ( carefulness / accuracy / speed) (1)

8. Quote a synonym from the passage for each of the words in bold print in the sentences below. (The paragraph in which the answer can be found is given in brackets.)

The vet thought there might be a boil ( polyp ) in Ellie’s trunk. (Par. 8) (1)

Dr Taylor wondered if Ellie had cancer ( tumour ) causing the blood to drip from her trunk (Par. 8) (1)

The cut ( incision )he made would have to be done carefully. (Par. 13) (1)

9. What does ‘vet’ stand for: Veterinarian (1) [15]

They must remember to leave a line open between answers! The marks in brackets indicate how many facts they should write down to get full marks. You can mark this ACTIVITY and it can be recorded as an evaluation.

Make sure that they WRITE DOWN the answers NEATLY, using the correct spacing!


Read the assignment to the class: This assignment is a team presentation built around the individual talks by the members of your group. The group presentation will be assessed by your classmates.

Revise the Assessment Chart with them.

They might like to draw a picture of an animal that they like? There is space for this.

Now, explain HOW TO star-rate the ASSESSMENT CHART again – to monitor their progress.

Use the MARK SHEET on the next page all your marks / codes

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